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Marriage Dissolution On Your Own Terms

When a couple realizes that their marriage is ending, strong emotions surface and often make an already difficult situation even harder to manage. A lengthy court battle only makes it worse. Fortunately, there is method called collaborative divorce that, for many couples, is a viable alternative to litigation that allows parties to end their marriage by agreeing, not by fighting.

At Goldman Law Offices, our Doylestown collaborative divorce attorneys have more than 50 years of experience in Pennsylvania family law. We have a deep knowledge of collaborative law, a method of divorce that was developed in the early 1990s. We believe the collaborative process can give parties a better chance at a happy post-divorce life than they might have after an in-court fight. The process encourages respect and cooperation, rather than bitterness and anger.

How Does Collaborative Divorce Work?

In our experience, couples who are able to sit down together and discuss issues can benefit greatly from the collaborative law approach. In collaborative divorce, each spouse hires an attorney, and everyone agrees that there will be no court involvement until the case is resolved. The parties can bring in professionals such as financial advisers, psychologists, child specialists and retirement planners who offer their perspectives on how to resolve issues. By negotiating and staying out of court, the impact of divorce on children is often lessened.

Over the course of a number of sessions and with the support of their chosen professionals, the parties negotiate and finalize settlements and agreements regarding every issue that affects the family, from child custody and child support to property division to alimony/spousal support.

Benefits of the Collaborative Approach

There are many benefits to using the collaborative approach, including:

  • Less stress and contentiousness
  • A more amicable post-divorce relationship and the ability to successfully co-parent your children
  • Control: The parties reach their own arrangements regarding children and property, not a judge who does not know the family.
  • Convenience: You set the schedule, not the court.
  • Confidentiality: Agreements reached through collaborative law are kept confidential, while court divorce proceedings are matters of public record.
  • Affordability: Using a collaborative approach often takes less time and requires less work on behalf of your attorney. That means fewer billable hours and more manageable legal fees.

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