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Tis the season to divorce?

According to some within the divorce industry, January to March sees more divorces than other times of the year. Although some dispute that assertion, this time of year still has the reputation of having the highest rate of divorce. Whether people in Blue Bell are seeing a similar rise remains to be seen, but for those individuals considering divorce, it may be time to look for a family law lawyer who can help guide a couple through a collaborative divorce.

One of the number one reasons behind divorce is money. While it is serious enough to push a couple toward ending their marriage, it doesn't necessarily have the same emotional baggage that comes with something like infidelity. If divorcing couples can calm down and work through their divorce together, collaborative law and divorce mediation may be a better option for ending a marriage.

Many people think of divorce and think of anger, resentment and bitter feelings. Marriages don't always have to end that way, however; they can be ended by negotiations, communication and by a concerted effort to make sure both spouses walk away as relative equals. Moreover, through divorce mediation, spouses often have a greater role in creating their own settlement.

So, as Blue Bell spouses try to decide whether their marriages are over, it is also wise to consider whether collaborative divorce is the better way to end a marriage than going to court and getting ugly. After all, a cordial end to a relationship is much less stressful than one in which the spouses despise each other.

Source: Chattanooga Times Free Press, "Split-up season: From January to March, divorce rates rise," Anna Lockhart, Feb. 18, 2014

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