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Avoiding the stress of divorce makes for more productive work

Though many men and women in Bensalem likely aren't thinking about work when their marriages are falling apart, their employers might be thinking about them and their divorce. Though it may seem obvious that an employer's productivity would suffer during a divorce, many people may not realize just how much. The stress of divorce can be enough to reduce an employee's productivity by an average of 40 percent, but it is not just the person going through a divorce whose productivity is affected. Rather, more than 70 percent of employees may be operating at less-than-full productivity because of someone else's divorce.

In the long run, this can have an effect on the person who is actually going through the divorce, including delayed promotions, reduced pay or even termination. Much of the loss in productivity can be linked to stress, but not all divorces need to be extremely stressful. By using collaborative law, couples in Bensalem can divorce without fighting.

Collaborative divorce is a way for couples to avoid litigation and, with it, much of the stress, animosity and negative emotions that come with traditional divorce. This kind of divorce is certainly not possible for everyone. But for those who are able to remain cordial and even amicable following the end of a marriage, collaborative divorce allows for greater control over child custody, child support and property division.

And for those who have come to realize that divorce will sap an employee's productivity, know that it is not just one year that the employee won't be operating at full productivity. Rather, divorce is seen as a seven-year event, with stress affecting an individual prior to the actual divorce and for five years after.

Source: Nashville Business Journal, "The cost of divorce to employers," Rosemary Frank, March 10, 2014

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