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International Abduction

Are you concerned that the other parent may abduct your child to another country? The first step to prevention is to read the United States Department of State's website ( where you can find a wealth of information about passport applications and abductions to and from the United States.

Since February 1, 2008, a passport will not be issued for a child under age 16 without both parents' execution of the application, unless the parent submitting the application provides a Statement of Special Circumstances explaining in detail the non-applying parent's unavailability and recent efforts to contact the non-applying parent.

If your child does not yet have a passport, you may submit a written request for your child's name to be entered into the Children's Passport Issuance Alert Program (CPIAP). This will allow the Department of State to notify you before your child's passport is issued.

The CPIAP system does not track the usage of passports. It is a system to notify a parent when an application for a child's passport has been submitted. The Department of State does not track passport usage once the passport has been issued. If the other parent has possession of your child's passport and you have concerns that the child may be abducted to another country, a court order may be issued requiring that the passport be handed over to you, your attorney, the court, or some other person to insure that your child does not leave the country without your consent.

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