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Shoulder fractures in automobile injuries

Individuals in Pennsylvania who are in car accidents may suffer shoulder fractures as a result. Three bones make up the shoulder. Two are commonly known as the collarbone and the shoulder blade. The third bone is the upper arm, which is also known as the humerus.

Fractures to the shoulder blade, or scapula, are less common than injuries to the other two bones because the bone tends to be protected by the chest and the muscles around it, and generally, a fractured scapula is often accompanied by other chest injuries as a result. The collarbone, or clavicle, and the humerus may sustain fractures if they suffer a direct blow.

Symptoms of fractures in the shoulder region include pain, swelling and bruising. A broken clavicle may have a bump where the break has occurred. Treatment may include surgery in particularly severe cases, and the shoulder may need to be repaired with pins, plates, rods and screws.

After a car accident that results in a shoulder fracture or other injuries, an individual may wish to consult an attorney. If the accident is the fault of another party, the individual may wish to file a lawsuit. Insurance companies may offer inadequate compensation for the medical expenses and time lost from work after a serious accident that causes catastrophic injuries.

If another driver was responsible for the accident, it is necessary to prove negligence. A negligent driver is one who has neglected a reasonable duty of care. For example, a negligent driver might be one who is driving too fast for the weather conditions or paying inadequate attention to their surroundings. If that driver's behavior results in the accident, they may be ordered to pay compensation by the court.

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