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How mediation makes divorce easier in Pennsylvania

Much has been made recently of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck's decision to settle their divorce outside of court. In an era where many couples spend fortunes on divorce attorneys, mediation can have many benefits. The biggest benefit may be that it can shield any children the couple may have from some or all of the trauma that divorce may bring.

In a typical divorce, a parent may use the child custody process as a means to prove that he or she is the better parent. However, it may do nothing more than cause undue stress on the children and strain relations between the parents. By settling out of court, the famous actors took away the potential for conflict and put the well-being of their three children first.

As mediation can be a mechanism for parents to find common ground, it can help make co-parenting easier after the divorce. In fact, Garner and Affleck publicly stated that they were still friends and looked forward to raising their children together. Their words and actions can set a good example for their children as to how to settle a conflict in a healthy and respectful manner.

A parent who wishes to end a marriage in an amicable manner may wish to consult with a family mediation attorney. In such a mechanism, each side works to find common ground from which an agreement can be made. Issues such as property division, child custody and other relevant matters may be decided in a manner that allow parents to maintain a strong relationship with each other and with their children.

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