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Collaborative divorce as an alternative to litigation

Many Pennsylvania couples believe that the end of a marriage always entail drawn-out litigation through the courts. There are alternatives to litigation of divorce matters, however, including a type of process called collaborative divorce.

In a collaborative divorce, the couple hires a team of professionals that are trained to help them reach a full settlement agreement. The team normally consists of two attorneys (one for each spouse), a child specialist and a financial specialist. The collaborative divorce process is voluntary, meaning either spouse may withdraw from the team at any time in order to pursue their case through the court. If they do so, however, all members of the team will also have to withdraw, and the spouses will have to start all over again.

The collaborative divorce is based on the spouses providing honest information to one another, agreeing to settle the matter outside of court and reaching an agreement that takes into account the priorities of both as well as their children. Agreements reached through collaborative divorce are filed in the family court. The court will then issue them as its order for the case. In this way, collaborative divorce may help people reach a full resolution without having to go to court and with less emotional conflict.

Collaborative law provides a mechanism through which divorcing couples can resolve all of their outstanding issues. It can help to lessen conflict and to reach agreements that are fair for all involved. Like mediation, a collaborative divorce may also be significantly less expensive than a divorce that is litigated. People who are interested in learning more about collaborative divorce may want to consult with an attorney who offers this type of an alternative dispute resolution method.

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