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DUI--Too Important To Do It Yourself

DUI offenses seem the simplest of all cases, and clients often remark, upon an initial meeting, that they have looked up DUI law in Pennsylvania and it "seems pretty cut and dried". With due respect, these clients are wrong. While it is true that, in general, DUI in Pennsylvania involves calculating the number of prior offenses within ten years and looking at the Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC), this is only the beginning.

A BAC may be subject to margins of error that can dramatically affect sentencing and license suspensions. The calculation of prior offenses can also be subject to modification, particularly in light of recent amendments to the DUI statutes.

There are myriad other issues to consider. Among them: ARD eligibility, the validity of the traffic stop, whether a person was "operating, driving, or in actual physical control" of a vehicle, whether a person was operating on a highway of the Commonwealth.

All of these issues matter greatly because, overwhelmingly, DUI happens to people that typically cannot endure the lengthy license suspensions that PennDOT imposes and the jail terms required by law.

Only very experienced attorneys should be entrusted to handle your case. The difference in counsel can mean - literally - whether one goes to jail or not and whether one has a suspended license or not.

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