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Fall Downs

If you're old enough to remember the early days of Saturday Night Live with Chevy Chase, you can remember all the laughs that Chevy got when he did his pratfalls, mimicking the then President Gerald Ford (who wasn't really as clumsy as he was depicted). But in real life, fall downs are no laughing matter.  

Falls from slips on ice or other substances, and falls from trips caused by uneven or broken steps or sidewalks, to name a few dangerous conditions, can cause broken bones, torn muscles and ligaments, ruptured joints, herniated discs in the neck or back, brain injury and even death. Property owners and others in control of property have a duty to maintain the premises in a reasonably safe condition to prevent injuries to people on their property. They have a duty to inspect for dangerous conditions and take reasonable measures to fix them. If you are injured as a result of a fall down, contact the Law Offices of William L. Goldman, P.C. immediately. We are always available to discuss your rights and options. We have skilled attorneys who handle these and other serious injury claims. 

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