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Motorcycles and Bicycles

December, 2015 is in the record books as one of the warmest Decembers in recent memory. Motorcyclists and bicyclists have enjoyed the mild (so far) winter and snowless streets. We encourage all our manual and motorized cycling friends and clients to enjoy the clear streets as you enjoy the outdoors on your bikes. Keep them well maintained, wear the proper safety equipment, and don't take unnecessary chances. 

Unfortunately, as we all know, there is much less margin for error when on a bike. A motorist, in a second of carelessness, can cause someone to suffer broken bones, torn muscles and ligaments, ruptured joints, herniated discs in the neck or back, brain injury, or worse. If something happens contact the Law Offices of William L. Goldman, P.C. immediately. If serious injury happens it is important not only to get the best medical care but to also have tough, experienced lawyers in your camp, lawyers who know insurance law and who have the knowhow to successfully handle serious injury and death claims. We are always available to discuss your rights and options. We have skilled attorneys who handle motorcycle and bicycle claims, as well as other serious injury and wrongful death claims. 

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