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The right for fathers to seek child support

Whether fathers should be able to receive child support from mothers is up for debate in many circles. While some people think that fathers deserve the right in certain situations, others believe that fathers do not deserve the right because they are the natural providers. Pennsylvania parents could gain some insight on the matter from a high-profile case.

The father of Bristol Palin's daughter, who was born in 2015, is a former Marine and war veteran. He is reportedly seeking child support and joint custody even though he is not currently caring for the infant. The Palin family has publicly shamed him for allegedly wanting nothing to do with his daughter. Palin's reps have mocked that a real hero does not request child support.

One single father thinks that seeking child support is a cowardly move because men are 'natural providers" and should work harder if they have to. He is of the mind that children are not financial obligations and that it does not require a lot of money for fathers to raise children when they are supporting themselves already.

However, he notes that child custody and support is practical in cases where the state requires parents who apply for any kind of government assistance to also file for child support. There are cases where fathers give up career opportunities in favor of being stay-at-home parents. Just as stay-at-home mothers seek support because they earn less than their working counterparts, many people believe that stay-at-home fathers deserve the same rights.

Utilizing the mediation and collaborative law methods of dispute resolution could help some parents come to mutual agreements on child support matters, whether it is the mothers or fathers asking for payments. Parents may go to neutral divorce lawyers for this.

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