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Innovative technology could mean fewer rear-end collisions

Pennsylvania drivers may be interested in a report by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, which based its findings on U.S. crash data from law enforcement officials. The study showed how vehicles equipped with front crash prevention features such as automatic braking and forward collision warning were less likely to have a rear-end collision and injuries.

To prove the point, the study showed that there would have been a cut of more than 10 percent, or 700,000 police-reported rear-end accidents, during 2013 had the autobrake feature been in all cars. However, because these safety features are relatively new and are considered options, many vehicles lack them. Therefore, the IIHS and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are working to get autobrake as a standard feature on all vehicles.

The study used police reports pertaining solely to rear-end collisions that occurred from 2010 to 2014 in 22 states and involved cars that were equipped with the frontal crash prevention. Those collision rates were then compared with the collision rates of identical model cars lacking the safety feature. The study concluded that vehicles equipped with automatic breaking and collision warning had 40 percent less rear-end rear-end collisions, whereas vehicles with just the forward collision warning had 23 percent less rear-end collisions.

Moreover, the study revealed that injuries were reduced by more than 40 percent when the vehicles involved in these accidents carried both safety features. However, the accident rate dropped to only 6 percent for vehicles that had only the forward collision warning feature. Even in unavoidable collisions, having the autobrake features can prevent injuries by slowing the car down so the impact will be less severe.

Those injured in car accidents that have been caused by the negligence of another driver often face lengthy periods of expensive medical car. A personal injury attorney can often be of assistance in pursuing compensation for these and other losses.

Source: IIHS, "Front crash prevention slashes police-reported rear-end crashes", Jan. 28, 2016

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