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Pennsylvania drivers and Volvo's new safety technology

Pennsylvania motorists should be aware of Volvo's claim that it will make 'death-proof" vehicles by 2020. The Swedish automaker has promised that there will be no serious injuries or fatalities in its vehicles by that deadline. The growing adoption of autonomous technologies across the automotive industry includes Volvo as well as Google, Ford and Tesla. Volvo is still in the early stages of developing driverless vehicles that replace human drivers with computer control systems.

Volvo has a history of tracking the number of serious injuries and fatalities among passengers and drivers of its vehicles. While autonomous driving technology does not prevent reckless driving, it is expected to make conventional driving much safer. Volvo has already introduced multiple smart features into its vehicles that are already on the road, including adaptive cruise control and collision avoidance systems.

The company plans to use lane assistance to make its vehicles safer. This technology uses cameras to detect the boundaries of a lane and alerts drivers if they drift out of their own lane. It has been found effective when it comes to reducing accidents caused by a distracted or dozing driver. Camera technology can also be used to make drivers aware of posted speed limits, road signs and upcoming hazards on the road. Cameras can also alert drivers of pedestrians in the path of the vehicle and paired with automatic braking technology.

While advances in safety technology have been admirable, car accidents caused by reckless or negligent drivers continue to take place, leaving victims with high medical expenses and other losses. A person who has been injured in such a collision may want to meet with an attorney to discuss how best to pursue appropriate compensation from the at-fault motorist.

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