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Safeguarding your assets during divorce

As Pennsylvania residents may realize, getting a divorce might be costly, particularly when one of the partners may have to start over. Having to purchase items for a new home such as furniture, kitchen supplies and linens might be added onto alimony payments, child support and other costs. Protecting oneself during a divorce is important.

Gathering needed documents is vital. This may include bank accounts, insurance and retirement policies, investments and any other legal documents, along with family photos. In addition, taking photos of the belongings in the house may be a good idea as photographic evidence may help avoid problems later when it comes to dividing assets.

It is a good idea to discuss how bank accounts and other funds might be handled with your attorney. While an attorney may help by making suggestions on the way things might be handled, ultimately it is the decision of the individual getting the divorce. Being realistic about property division and division of assets may make the proceedings go more smoothly, saving money in the long run.

Staying away from attacks on a spouse's character might be a good idea, especially if there are children in the family. In addition, speaking badly about your spouse to your children may cause emotional damage in the long run.

When hiring an attorney, find one who focuses specifically on divorce, and do not rely on recommendations from friends who may have used an attorney for other purposes. A divorce attorney is experienced in handling the division of assets.

An individual contemplating or planning on divorce may benefit from a consultation with an attorney who can handle divorce matters. An attorney may help by assisting with paperwork and advising about assets, alimony and other matters.

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