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Car accident data for 2016 alarms some experts

The National Safety Council, which studies vehicle accident data, recently released some alarming information that Pennsylvania drivers might like to know about. About 4.4 million people were injured and 38,000 died due to crashes in 2015, and this number could rise in 2016.

Compared to 2014, the percentage of people injured and killed in 2015 rose by the largest rate in the past 50 years. This year might see even higher numbers as there have already been 19,000 fatalities related to motor vehicle accidents from January to the end of May, which is a 14-percent increase compared to 2015.

The NSC also calculated the possible costs of these 2016 traffic wrecks and the number of injuries they caused. Costs, which include medical expenses, property damage and lost wages, totaled around $152 billion. There were almost 2.3 million injuries that necessitated medical treatment. One reason for the increases in auto accidents could be the improving economy. More people are on the road going to and from work when employment rates are higher. Better economic times also means that individuals have more disposable income to spend on vacations that involve road trips. Lower gas prices allow people to travel even greater distances.

A better economy allows many people more financial freedom. However, this does not mean that the average person has money to spend on costs associated with a car crash after suffering injuries. Fortunately, one can file a civil suit to regain lost expenses from the responsible driver. A liable driver is one who engages in unsafe behavior such as drinking and driving, running a red light or texting and driving.

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