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Questioning the viability of mediation during a divorce

Every day, couples in Pennsylvania and throughout the U.S. decide that they want to seek a divorce. When a dissolution of marriage is inevitable, spouses must consider everything from living arrangements to division of property and debt. Sometimes, a couple's split is amicable and a divorce agreement can be reached easily. In many cases, however, the emotional stress involved during a split can lead to disputes, resulting in lengthy divorce proceedings and high court costs.

According to some legal professionals, there is evidence that contested divorce cases can be resolved through the use of alternative tactics, such as mediation and collaborative law. The ultimate goal of mediation is to reach an agreement before a divorcing couple heads to the courtroom. This typically allows for a faster resolution so that both individuals can get on with their separate lives in a prompt manner.

The unfortunate reality, professionals say, is that mediation does not always yield positive results. This fact can lead people to wonder if mediation is ever the right choice. Many legal professionals believe that, while mediation should never be mandatory, it is a technique that often yields positive results in a timely fashion and allows both parties to reach a fair divorce settlement.

Ultimately, divorce is a deeply personal issue, and resolution techniques often vary accordingly. Those facing the prospect of divorce may benefit from consulting with a lawyer who is well-versed in family law matters. An attorney could help such a client propose a plan for divorce proceedings.

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