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Documentation needed after a car accident

Pennsylvania motorists who have been in a car accident caused by another party that has left them or a passenger in their vehicle injured might be wondering if they should pursue damages via a personal injury lawsuit. In order to hold a negligent driver liable for damages, an attorney representing the plaintiff will most likely need to analyze certain documentation associated with the accident.

Reports filed by responding officers have important information to give the attorney a full understanding of how the accident occurred. The report typically outlines the position of the vehicles or pedestrians immediately after the crash, as well as the officer's thoughts about how the accident happened.

Medical records can also prove invaluable to the attorney because it will give an idea about the severity of the plaintiff's injuries and the recovery time prognosis. The attorney may also ask for the plaintiff's pay records, both before and after the crash, and the amount of time he or she missed from work due to the accident-related injuries. This information will help the attorney determine exactly how much income the plaintiff lost in an attempt to recover compensation for lost wages.

Other documentation the attorney may request might include the plaintiff's car insurance policy, receipts to prove that the insurance is in force and any statements the plaintiff divulged to the insurance company regarding the accident. If the insurance company contacted the plaintiff, he or she has the right to request a copy of those statements.

People who are suffering financially and physically because of catastrophic injuries stemming from a car crash may benefit by seeking the advice of an experienced attorney. If the actions of a negligent driver caused the crash, that driver may be liable for damages including medical expenses, income losses, and pain and suffering.

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