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How to resolve parenting conflicts after divorce

Pennsylvania parents who are divorced might run into disagreements about issues regarding their children. When these conflicts are about issues like children's activities, litigation is often not the best choice. It can be expensive, and judges may resist being dragged into such conflicts. Parents may want to look into other options if they cannot resolve the conflict by talking to one another.

Mediation may allow them to come to a compromise. A couple can bring in attorneys to make an agreement in a mediation legally binding. Alternately, the couple may decide to pursue a collaborative law solution. This would involve hiring collaborative law attorneys and agreeing to not pursue litigation.

The couple might want to look into co-parenting counseling or co-parenting coordination. The former may provide a therapeutic environment in which they can work through their problems. The latter offers a co-parenting coordinator who acts as a kind of arbitrator to make decisions about smaller issues although not larger issues like custody and support. Co-parenting coordinators used to be a popular solution in court although this is no longer the case. However, parents may still go to one on their own.

People should keep in mind that in changed circumstances, such as job loss that affects child support payments or the need to move out of state, will need to be addressed in court. However, smaller issues might be dealt with during the divorce with a detailed parenting plan. Such a plan can cover issues as varied as when a child meets a new partner and how soon one parent must notify the other about holiday plans. It can also include a plan for conflict resolution if something arises that is not covered in the plan.

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