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Common custody and visitation issues

When Pennsylvania parents of young children have ended their marriage, there are some common issues that sometimes arise regarding custody and visitation. While many matters can often be resolved with a discussion, some may necessitate a return to court.

In some cases, a parent who is ordered to pay child support may fall behind or stop paying if the other parent is not allowing visitation to happen The parent should not do this. Courts view questions about support and visitation separately. The non-custodial parent should continue paying the support,and talk to the other parent about adding visitation time. If that doesn't work, the parent may file a motion to modify the child custody and visitation order with the court.

Non-custodial parents may sometimes fail to show up for their scheduled visitation or show up late on a regular basis. In other cases, they may consistently return the child late from their scheduled visitation time. When these types of issues occur, the parent with residential custody should talk to the non-custodial parent about the reasons for the consistent lateness. If it is because of a job, then the visitation schedule could be changed without going to court. If the parent does not have a good reason, the custodial parent may file a motion with the court to modify the visitation schedule.

It is common for parents to experience changed circumstances after the court has issued child custody and visitation orders. When this happens, a parent may want to have the assistance of a family law attorney in seeking an appropriate modification.

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