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The forms and definition of stalking

If a Pennsylvania resident or any other individual is being followed or otherwise fears for their safety, they may be the victim of stalking. Stalking can also involve threatening or harassing behavior such as repeated phone calls or showing up at a person's place of employment. It is possible that talking to someone without their consent or lying in wait for them could be taken as stalking as well.

In some cases, there needs to be proof that an incident was not isolated in nature while some jurisdictions stipulate that there must be a threat of imminent harm. The National Institute of Justice defines stalking as repeated acts such as unwanted communication or a written threat that would cause a person fear. For the purposes of definition, "repeated" is generally meant to mean two or more acts.

There are three different types of stalking. Love obsessional stalking involves an individual who may stalk another person because they believe that they are in love with them. Simple obsessional stalking involves an individual who may stalk someone who they already know. Erotomania is the last type of stalking, and it involves a delusional individual stalking a celebrity or some other public figure.

Individuals who are the victims of domestic violence may wish to consult with an attorney. Legal counsel may be able to help a victim obtain an emergency restraining order against his or her abuser that may take effect immediately. It may also be possible to terminate an abuser's parental rights while also requiring that parent to pay child support. If a restraining order already exists, legal counsel may be able to help a victim seek other appropriate forms of relief against an abuser.

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