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Types of domestic violence protection orders

If a Pennsylvania resident is living in fear of domestic violence, there are several protection options that they can utilize. While these options may not stop an abuser from continuing to harass or threaten the victim, they do allow the authorities to act should an abuser break the protection agreement.

One option that a vulnerable person can pursue is an emergency order of protection. These orders are often sought when one person is required to leave the home following a violent dispute. The emergency order of protection only provides short-term protection. In order to seek a more permanent order of protection, the alleged victim must request one from the court or the alleged abuser must be taken into custody.

Protection orders offer security that is more permanent in nature. In some cases, the protection order may have a number of different provisions that prevent the alleged abuser from being involved with the alleged victim. For example, a provision may potentially include "no contact" or "stay away" terminology, which legally prevents the alleged abuser from having any form of contact with the victim and requires them to stay a certain distance away.

If there is evidence of domestic abuse, the victim may be eligible to seek an order of protection. A family law attorney may help determine if the victim is eligible for requesting a more permanent protection order. Depending on the situation, the lawyer may assist with gathering evidence that backs the person's claim of abuse. Additionally, the attorney may also act as a representative in court to provide further protection for the victim, potentially preventing them from having to face their abuser.

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