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The benefits of co-parenting after a divorce

While experts say that Pennsylvania children who grow up in stable families with happy, married parents often get the most benefits, the fact is that approximately one-half of all American marriages end in divorce. If the parents are able to amicably co-parent, however, the kids will be just as likely have a healthy childhood.

Co-parenting is a type of parenting style in which the two parents continue to be involved in the children's lives. While the parents may not be romantically involved with each other, they try to work together so that the children can have a stable home life while getting to establish and maintain strong bonds with both parents. In order to co-parent effectively, the parents have to be able to communicate and resolve differences as they arise.

If co-parenting is an option, the children stand to obtain a number of benefits. For example, successful co-parenting strategies offer children stability in their schedules and what is expected of them. In addition, relationships between the children and the parents tend to be more solid, which can be important for everyone's emotional well-being. Furthermore, children will be less likely to feel that they have to choose one parent over the other.

Former couples who can work together are more likely to get more of what they want out of a divorce. Whether this means retaining ownership of certain marital assets or getting the opportunity to maintain a strong, healthy parent-child relationship, working together has many benefits. Even if the couple chooses to go through family mediation to dissolve their marriage, a family law attorney could assist with drafting up the negotiations and reviewing divorce settlement offers. If negotiations break down, the attorney could still litigate on behalf of a parent.

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