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Car accidents in Pennsylvania

Everyone wants to avoid car accidents. Sometimes collisions are unavoidable, so what factors are involved in making the crash less damaging to the car and safer for the occupants? It turns out that the size of the car plays a surprisingly significant role in the outcome of a car accident.

Bigger vehicles like SUVs, trucks and mid-size cars are more crashworthy than smaller cars. A car's size, weight, structural strength and material are all key components of determining how well a car will stand up in a crash. Generally, the greater the distance between the front of the car and its passengers, the safer it will be in a front-end collision. This is because there is more material between the passenger and the colliding car to absorb the impact.

Heavier cars have greater momentum. More energy is required to slow down a heavy object than a light one. Consequently, if a heavy car hits a light car, the light car will take the brunt of the force. This is partly responsible for increases in the fatality and injury rate for the drivers of smaller cars. Light vehicles have fatality rates about twice that of the heaviest cars. While it is true that cars of all sizes and weights are safer today than they were in the past, there is still a significant difference in safety between the different sizes of cars on the road.

If someone has suffered a car accident injury, they may wish to seek legal help. An attorney would be able to evaluate their case, studying the evidence of police reports, eyewitness testimony and any other available evidence. Their legal case might seek means of restitution for medical expenses, damages, pain and suffering, and other compensation.

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