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Getting a good price when selling a home after divorce

The majority of divorces result in the sale of the family home. Sometimes a spouse in Pennsylvania has the income to buy out the ex; however, that route is often impossible or undesired. A splitting couple that needs to sell a home could benefit from the services of an experienced real estate agent. An agent will strive to get the maximum value out of the property, but sellers might need to make a conscious effort not to undermine success with emotional disputes and intractable positions.

A real estate agent will recommend how to fix up the home so that it entices buyers. If the sellers choose not to invest in major repairs, they should at least attend to minor fixes such as broken cabinet hardware and holes in the walls. These little things will enhance the appeal of the property. The divorcing couple should also make a plan for paying for these repairs to avoid disputes later in the process.

Ideally, the divorcing couple will set goals and make important decisions about the selling strategy at the beginning. Couples should also assign one person to serve as the point of contact with the agent. This could prevent confusing the process by making the agent digest information from potentially dueling parties. If disputes do arise, the sellers should strive to follow the agent's advice.

Selling a home represents just one portion of the property division process. An attorney could inform a person about rights to a share of other assets, such as retirement accounts, vehicles and business investments. With legal advice, a person could make informed decisions that limit the potential for financial hardship after a divorce.

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