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Posts tagged "Divorce Mediation"

About divorce mediation

Pennsylvania couples have multiple options when it comes to the method they use to get a divorce. While divorce mediation is a viable option, it is ideal only in certain situations. Before engaging in mediation instead of hiring an attorney, individuals should first consider some important issues.

Holiday time can be an occasion for co-parenting collaboration

Divorced parents in Pennsylvania and across the country may find that the winter holiday season is a particularly challenging time, especially with all of the special events, family gatherings and important moments that take place during that time of year. Even in the most relaxed of occasions, co-parenting already can require a certain amount of difficulty and stress. The frenzied schedules that the holidays can bring add particular pressure to ex-spouses that are working on sharing parenting time and custody over the holidays. However, it also can be an opportunity for parents to show their kids how much they prioritize them and serve as an important occasion for demonstrating psychological support and a shared love for their children after a divorce.

The benefits of co-parenting after a divorce

While experts say that Pennsylvania children who grow up in stable families with happy, married parents often get the most benefits, the fact is that approximately one-half of all American marriages end in divorce. If the parents are able to amicably co-parent, however, the kids will be just as likely have a healthy childhood.

Advantages and disadvantages of nesting after divorce

Pennsylvania parents who are considering options for custody in a divorce might want to consider an arrangement known as "nesting". This is a joint custody arrangement in which children continue living in the family home while the parents take turns living there.

Prenups aren't very romantic, but they serve useful purpose

Prenuptial agreements aren't very romantic; no one planning a wedding likes to think theirs will end in divorce. With about half of marriages ending that way, however, savvy Pennsylvania couples may want to consider a prenup in case their marriage ends through annulment or death. A prenup agreement spells out what will happen if the couple later divorces.

Mediation may make co-parenting easier

Pennsylvania parents who share child-rearing duties with their ex-spouses may find it wise to rely on tools like mediation as their lives and circumstances evolve. Experts say that mediation can help families deal with significant changes, like the relocation of a parent. Even though co-parenting can become more difficult when former spouses live far away from each other, hashing things out with the assistance of an impartial third party has the potential to let people come to terms more amicably.

How to choose the right mediator

Pennsylvania couples who are getting a divorce and who plan to go through mediation may have heard a lot about how to choose a mediator. Those tips could include choosing someone who is experienced and trained in the field. However, there is one critical factor that many of those tips do not mention. The couple must trust the person that is retained.

Deciding on divorce mediation

Pennsylvania couples who are considering divorce may have heard of divorce mediation. In this form of alternative dispute resolution, a trained professional mediator works with the couple to resolve issues such as property division, child custody, parenting time and spousal support. While using a mediator can be a good option for some couples who are ending their marriages, it is not always a good option for everyone.

Questioning the viability of mediation during a divorce

Every day, couples in Pennsylvania and throughout the U.S. decide that they want to seek a divorce. When a dissolution of marriage is inevitable, spouses must consider everything from living arrangements to division of property and debt. Sometimes, a couple's split is amicable and a divorce agreement can be reached easily. In many cases, however, the emotional stress involved during a split can lead to disputes, resulting in lengthy divorce proceedings and high court costs.

Mediation may help solve divorce issues

When Pennsylvania couples can't come to an amicable agreement over the terms of their divorce, mediation may be a way to reach an accord while avoiding having the issues decided by a judge. A mediator is an impartial third party who listens to both sides, and then works with the couple on finding agreement on terms that, hopefully, meet both of their needs.