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Posts tagged "child custody"

The impact of a prolonged divorce on children

A Pennsylvania couple might go through an extensive period of fighting and other negative activity before finally deciding that divorce is the best solution. However, a decision to end a marriage can still be affected by issues such as guilt, wishing that a relationship would work out, religious beliefs and the input of family members. Even with action underway, a couple might still find reasons to delay the process and try to reconcile. While some couples may succeed in salvaging their marriages, others may find that divorce is the best resolution.

The importance of a detailed parenting plan

Pennsylvania couples who are divorcing will likely need to create a parenting plan if they have young children. A detailed parenting plan can have a number of advantages. The time that parents spend in creating one gives them the opportunity to anticipate potential future conflicts and create a framework for resolution.

11 taken into custody for not paying child support

Eleven individuals were taken into custody for failing to pay a total of $126,218.63 in child support during a Feb. 3 sweep in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. One man from Ambler owed $21,521.33 for one child while another man in Glenside owed $39,615.39 in back support for another child. Overall, the 11 parents who were taken into custody owed support for 16 children.

Sheri Shepherd appealing parental decision

A former co-host of the popular daytime talk show 'The View" wants her child support case heard by Pennsylvania's highest court. A judge ruled in April 2015 that Sheri Shepherd is legally and financially responsible for a child born to her ex-husband and a surrogate mother, but the former talk show co-host is unhappy with the decision and has petitioned the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania to hear her appeal.

Child custody and co-parenting in Pennsylvania

After child custody and visitation matters are over, parents are often left to work together in order to raise their children. When Pennsylvania parents keep their children's best interests in mind and work towards co-parenting, their children may be better adjusted and happier.

Reassigning child custody due to military deployment

In Pennsylvania, a court will consider altering a child custody agreement when one of the custodial parents must fulfill a military deployment obligation. Before leaving, the military service member must petition the court alongside his or her spouse with a proposal that states who will care for the child while the parent is away.

Challenges of enforcing international child custody regulations

Divorce can be a complicated, emotional process, made even more so when child custody issues are involved. The entire process can become even more complex when one of the ex-spouses decides to move to another country and take their child with them, violating custody orders and agreements. Pennsylvania residents who might be facing this situation might benefit from knowing what recourse a parent might have if their ex-spouse takes the child of the United States and refuses to return.

Custody battles may cost more than they are worth

Many Pennsylvania parents who go through divorces become involved in bitter custody battles. While fighting over who gets full custody of the children, parents may end up causing more damage than the fight is worth. A parent might believe that it is in their child's best interest to live with them full time, but several studies have shown that shared parenting is actually better for most children.

New study acknowledges false positives in drug testing

Someone in Pennsylvania confronted with losing parental rights because of a drug test may want to insist on a second chance. A study released by the Institute of Forensic Medicine indicated that hair tests, which have been considered highly accurate, can produce false positives for marijuana use.

Facebook profile used in custody battle for the first time

Those involved in the legal profession in Pennsylvania are probably already aware that a judge in New York is allowing a Facebook profile into evidence for a child custody case. While social media sites like Facebook have been used in court cases before, this use of a Facebook profile may be unprecedented.