Drug Manufacturing Charges And The Youthful Offender Program

Young people charged with felony drug manufacturing or drug delivery charges in Bucks County may have their cases resolved by entry into the Youthful Offender Program ("YOP"). This special program requires intensive prescreening and approval by a deputy district attorney. To qualify, a person must generally be a young, "low level" drug dealer and complete a test administered at the Bucks County Prison called the LSI-R to determine risk of re-offending. Individuals being screened for the program are also, generally, interviewed by the deputy district attorney who supervises the program.

If a person is approved for YOP, then he or she must attend a month-long outward bound program at Diakon. The cost of this is over $6,000, but scholarships may be available for those in need. If a person successfully completes the program, then he or she pleads guilty to misdemeanor drug offenses, receives a period of probation and is ordered to perform community service; the felony manufacturing or delivery charges are dismissed.

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