Forfeiture And Return Of Property

Forfeiture laws of the United States and local states permit the prosecution to search for and seize valuable assets and property of those accused of certain criminal conduct. The past two decades have seen a marked increase by prosecutors to forfeit or take these assets. This can include cash, vehicles, real estate and even electronic equipment.

For certain criminal charges, particularly drug offenses, the state will attempt to obtain possession of property used in the course of committing crimes. An attorney can assist you in defending a request by the state to have your property forfeited. Good lawyers can help you to determine if there is a defense to the forfeiture, such as the owner of the property being a so-called innocent owner, unaware that the property was involved in criminal pursuits.

An attorney can also negotiate the return of property on your behalf with the state to help you get possessions back upon the payment of some fraction of the property's worth. This is especially important in cases where the state is trying to take a family home or vehicle.

To prevent the taking of your property, it is essential that experienced attorneys guide you through the forfeiture process to protect you and your property from the overreach of government agents. The attorneys at Goldman Law Offices have the knowledge, experience and tenacity to assist you.

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