Efficient Defense Representation For White Collar Offenses

White collar criminal cases encompass a broad spectrum of criminal activity, ranging from all forms of alleged fraud and scam activity to tax violations, political corruption and money laundering. Effective representation in these cases requires the retention of attorneys familiar with the nuances and defenses available to avoid prosecution and, where required, to defend against charges brought in these matters.

You should not believe that legal representation should only begin with the filing of criminal charges against you. Attorneys with experience can assist individuals on whom the government has focused an investigation. Frequently, representation before charges are brought can result in the decision by the government to either not charge or to charge only reduced offense. Effective representation also requires that your counsel have the trial experience necessary to fight the prosecution where appropriate.

With past experience as former prosecutors, forged with the practical knowledge of decades of criminal defense work, our attorneys have the ability to work with you during the investigative stage and prosecution.

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