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Grandparents play an integral role in a child's life. Most of the time, the child's parents are involved, ensuring there is a healthy relationship between their parents and their child. However, sometimes an unforeseen event can happen that jeopardizes the grandparent's ability to see their grandchild or grandchildren. If you are currently wondering what your rights as a grandparent are or want to file for partial custody, our family law department can help.

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How to Determine Grandparents' Rights

Unless your child has a legitimate reason for not allowing you to see your grandchild or grandchildren, you have rights as a grandparent. If your child has died or is separated or divorced, you may run into issues with keeping an active role in your grandchild's life. We know these tragedies are stressful enough, which is why we will tirelessly work for you to secure your grandparent rights.

Factors courts consider when determining grandparents' rights include:

  • The emotional and physical well-being of the child
  • The relationship and closeness between the child and grandparent
  • The impact a separation would have on the child
  • The relationship between the parent or legal guardian and the grandparent
  • The amount of contact between the grandchild and grandparent
  • Whether the child wants to maintain a relationship with their grandparent
  • Whether grandparent visitation would interfere with the parent-child relationship
  • Any history of abuse or neglect by the grandparent

Grandparents' Rights in Pennsylvania

Grandparents' rights differ from state to state. In Pennsylvania, a court may award grandparents partial custody if one of the child's parents is deceased, the parents are separated or divorced for more than six months, or the child lived with the grandparent for over a year. In some circumstances the court may grant a grandparent custody where a child is being neglected or abused by a parent. If a grandchild is adopted, visitation rights will be cut off unless the adoption is granted to a stepparent or grandparent.

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