Experienced Family Legal Counsel For Same-Sex Couples

With a judge's ruling, same-sex couples throughout Pennsylvania now enjoy the same legal recognition of their marriages that heterosexual couples have. For many couples, this also means a host of new same-sex family law issues they will have to deal with.

At Goldman Law Offices in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, our attorneys are ready to use our 60 years of legal experience and deep knowledge of family law issues to help same-sex couples in Bucks County and throughout the area to address any new legal matters that arise due to this change in the law.

Finding Solutions That Meet Your Unique Needs

Same-sex marriage being legal means that many couples will need divorce services in the years ahead. Some issues such as property division and spousal support, will be treated largely the same as in heterosexual marriages. For some couples, however, there will be complicated issues regarding child custody, visitation and child support payments. We can help if you or your spouse:

  • Adopted your child from the other partner or need help completing a second parent adoption
  • Had a child through a surrogate and need help with legal custody
  • Has a child from a prior relationship
  • Needs help establishing paternity

No matter what your situation is, our lawyers will work to find compassionate, creative solutions that protect your rights and interests and help you comply with the law. Whether you are planning a marriage and need help with a prenuptial agreement and child custody issues or need help ending a relationship, we can provide it.

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Make sure you get the clarity you need on what changes in the law means for you and your family. At Goldman Law Offices, our attorneys know that every family is unique, and we can help you find solutions that work best for you.

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