Seeking Compensation When Drunk Drivers Cause You Harm

The drunk driving epidemic remains staggering. One person in the United States is killed in an alcohol-related accident every 51 minutes. That's 28 people per day, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Over 10,000 people died in 2015 alone.

Drugged driving is also a growing issue. Statistics show that both legal and illegal drugs are linked to roughly 16 percent of all car accidents. During a typical night on the weekend, 13 percent of drivers have been using marijuana. That's important, since they're also statistically 25 percent more likely to crash.

Pennsylvania Statistics

Here in Pennsylvania, statistics show that impaired driving remains a serious issue. In 2015, a total of 345 people passed away. There were 29 crashes involving alcohol every single day, leading to roughly one death and 19 injuries on a daily basis.

At Goldman Law Offices, our lawyers have a strong track record of holding these drunk and drugged drivers accountable.

The Risks You Face

While anyone who drinks or uses drugs may drive under the influence, there are a few common trends to note. For instance:

  • Men are far more likely to drink and drive than women, making up 80 percent of all drunk driving cases.
  • Drunk drivers are typically binge drinkers. A full 85 percent of those who drove while intoxicated did so after binge drinking. This could make college students, who are more likely to binge drink, one of the more dangerous demographics.

Self-reporting shows that drunk driving is more common than arrest or accident stats show.

As you can see, getting in your car exposes you to serious risks when you are forced to share the road with impaired drivers. An experienced attorney can help hold that person accountable. When criminal charges are involved, they help establish fault. Even when criminal charges aren't involved you still have a right to seek financial compensation.

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