Helping Victims Of Crosswalk Accidents Seek Compensation

Crosswalks and sidewalks should be safe places for people to walk or run. They should be well-maintained, clearly marked and the traffic signals should be timed correctly to allow people to cross safely. Unfortunately, many people in Pennsylvania suffer serious injuries when they are struck by cars or trucks while simply trying to cross the street.

Goldman Law Offices has handled crosswalk injury cases involving pedestrians and bicyclists being hit by cars, trucks and motorcycles. Some accidents are the result of negligent driving, but others are the result of poorly maintained or planned intersections and traffic signals. Whatever the cause, you can rely on our experienced attorneys to investigate the situation, find where liability truly lies and pursue maximum compensation so you can make ends meet as you begin your recovery.

Thorough Research And Preparation

Our crosswalk accident attorneys have built a reputation for excellence in personal injury law in Bucks County and across the region. We have earned that reputation through our ability to succeed in cases that are challenging, as pedestrian injury claims often may be. Our success stems from our thorough, detail-oriented approach to finding the cause of an accident and holding the correct party accountable. We locate witnesses, work with accident investigators and take any necessary steps to show what caused the crosswalk accident, which may be:

  • Distracted driving, cellphone use or texting
  • Speeding
  • Drunk driving
  • Poorly marked crosswalks
  • Incorrect timing of traffic signals
  • Drivers trying to speed through a yellow light

Whether your injuries can be attributed to the driver or instead were the result of the town's failure to properly design an intersection, Goldman Law Offices will put its 65-plus years of experience to work for you. We will be there for you through the entire matter, from helping you find distinguished medical treatment to representing you in negotiations or at trial.

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