Protecting The Rights Of Injured Bikers

Have you been injured in an accident while operating or riding on a motorcycle or bicycle? Are you worried about how you will meet your financial obligations until you can return to work? Do you need extensive medical treatment, including surgeries, physical therapy or rehabilitation? Will you have to give up riding, or other activities that you love, because of the injuries you have suffered? You want and deserve an experienced lawyer to protect your interests.

At Goldman Law Offices, we have protected the rights of people throughout the Philadelphia metropolitan area for more than 65 years. We combine hard work with attention to detail, taking the time to learn the details of your situation, as well as your needs and goals so that we can formulate the most effective legal strategy to achieve the outcome you deserve. We are committed to representing each client with integrity and professionalism, and we will use our considerable knowledge, skill, experience and resources to help them achieve the financial compensation they are entitled to receive.

Our Motorcycle Accident Injury Practice

We offer comprehensive counsel to people who have been injured in a bicycle, pedestrian or motorcycle crash. We know from experience that not all motorcycle accident injuries stem from collisions. A car swerving into your lane can cause you to lose control of your bike. Because there is nothing between you and the road, a crash at a very slow speed can still lead to serious or catastrophic injury.

We take care of all matters related to your claims for damages. We will fully investigate the facts and circumstances of your accident. We will work with expert witnesses, including accident reconstruction specialists, to put together clear and compelling arguments for your financial recovery. Our lawyers will prepare and file all necessary pleadings or documents in court, and we will be your liaison with insurance companies, if necessary, to minimize delays and avoid wrongful denials of coverage.

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