What Kind Of Medical Mistake Constitutes Malpractice?

Medical professionals call mistakes that should not happen "never events." Despite the name, statistics show that these things happen every single day. They include errors such as leaving surgical implements inside a patient's body, wrong-site surgery and creating potentially fatal air embolisms.

When mistakes count as medical malpractice, they typically involve negligence or the failure to give the patient the standard of care that he or she has a right to expect in a medical center.

What Conditions Need To Be Met?

There are four critical conditions that you and your attorney must prove to show that malpractice occurred. They are:

  • A duty of care was owed to the patient from the medical professional or institution.
  • There was a failure to offer the standard of care reasonably expected at a medical institution. This breached the aforementioned duty of care. Testimony from other certified professionals in the same field may help to establish this standard.
  • This negligence led directly to injury.
  • That injury did specific harm to the patient and led to damages, including pain and suffering, further medical costs, potential disability, loss of income and an enduring hardship.

When "never events" occur, you need a firm that is dedicated to excellence every step of the way.

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