Jim Thome testimonial

Bill - "Thank you so much for fighting so hard for me. I knew that if anyone could help me it would be you." - LG

Bill - "Thank you for all the effort you put into helping. Your kindness will not be forgotten." - KM

Bill - "Thank you so very much for your hard work and all you have done for me!" - AM

Valori and Bill - "I sincerely appreciate all you've done for me in minimizing the charges against me. You are definitely, the best attorney in all of Bucks County for sure! Your professional wisdom, along with your ability to engage all parties to a mutual solution to the legal and logical issues are more than commendable. I wish to thank you as well, Valori. Your kind demeanor in communicating with clients when they are under stress is above reproach. You are definitely a valuable asset to the William L. Goldman , P.C. professional organization." - RG

Bill - "I just wanted to very gratefully thank you so much again for representing me and guiding me through this bump in the road. I am over the moon with the decision that was made. Your time and effort is greatly valued." -


Sarah - "There are truly no words that I can find that will ever express my sincere gratitude for your help. You're a blessing to me and my family. Thank you! Thank you!" - MM

Bill - "I just wanted to thank you so much for everything you did to make this the best possible outcome for me. I can never explain how much gratitude I have to you and your wonderful team. The night you called me with such great news, I brought up a suit against the hospital — it was wrong. I was just filled with anxiety over how I'm going to pay for all of this, hence, part of my anxiety disorder. It's not easy living check to check. When we hung up, I thought about where I was in July, feeling so worthless, like a complete and total failure, hopeless and scared and wanting to die. About how grateful I should be to have a roof over my head, a job that I was not guaranteed to keep and I felt very selfish. Not only did you give me the best possible outcome, but you gave me the most priceless gift of all, hope. The hope that you gave me helped me get up, start wanting to live again because I knew I was in such good hands. I can never repay you for that gift of hope other than saying thank you and I will always be grateful. Thank you for everything!" - SS

Valori - "Thank you! Thank you for answering my many questions. Thank you for replying to me so fast. Thank you for reassuring me and guiding and preparing me for everything that helped me so much. Thank you most of all for treating me kindly, with dignity and respect and for not judging me. I will always be grateful for that. I wish there were more people in the world like you. I wish you the very best of everything and will never forget your kindness and intelligence and all your help." - SS

Mr. Goldman - Thank you for all that you have done for me. I am blessed and fortunate to have had you as a lawyer. I will take this opportunity to learn from my mistakes and continue to be a productive citizen." - CT

Sarah - "Sometimes there are certain people who change the life of others, and you are one of them in mine. Thank you for being who you are, doing what you do, and being caring and compassionate in the process. I cannot thank you enough for what you do for me." - JD

Bill - "I can't thank you enough! Thank you for going the extra mile in having my charges dismissed. I will definitely recommend you to anyone that needs legal help. You are very professional and a first class act. You were my guardian angel at court today. Thanks again, Bill!" - MG

Bill & Sarah - "Thank you so much for your representation during a very difficult time for myself and my family. From Day #1, your guidance and professionalism were both admired and appreciated. I know that my outcome was a direct result of your team's hard work and dedication. Thank you!" - JM

Goldman Team - "Thank you for the support today. Bill, and for the preparation and initial counseling. I am happy I selected Goldman Law Offices. Thanks again and wishing you all the best." - TM

Mr. Goldman - "Thank you so much for your assistance today in court. We appreciate your willingness to help us out. The outcome is more than we could have hoped for. So nice meeting you as well!" - RJ

Dear Mr. Goldman & Sarah - "I want to thank you again for your help. The tremendous work and personal attention you put forth is admirable. During the most difficult time in my life, you brought me and my family comfort through your sincerity and effectiveness while proactively fighting for me. It is truly relieving to experience a successful outcome. Reflecting back on the long process, I am very glad to have had you on my team. Thank you again, your hard work has protected a future of possibilities and exciting times!" - HC

Bill - "Thank you very much for your friendship and wisdom. I appreciate everything you did for me. I intend to complete the conditions and hopefully put all of this behind me. Thank you again." - EP

Bill - "Thanks a lot for everything you guys have done for me." - AM

William Goldman - "I want to thank you ever so much for your dedication and compassion with my case. I am ever so grateful." - JS

Sarah - "I want to thank you for your diligence, compassion and caring with my case. I greatly appreciate everything you have done for me." - JS

Sarah - "I wanted to thank you for all your help and support you have given me on a professional, and when called for personal level. Your genuine attitude and kind concern for my situation is what sets you apart from the rest! You made me feel such relief and free from an unfair position I was put in. My family and I thank you and will never forget this." - CM

Bill - "I just wanted to thank you again for your excellent representation of J. It was a difficult case and I know you worked very hard on a positive outcome. Thank you for being a tenacious advocate and a wonderful person. I am sure J is comforted by everything you did." - E

Bill - "We cannot thank you enough for taking on K's court case and getting him a very good outcome. Thank you so much!" - KG and NM

Bill - "It will be difficult for me to use all the proper adjectives in expressing my thanks for the magnificent accomplishment you performed with my case. My forever thanks and gratitude is offered to you and Tom and your staff. Please extend my thanks to Stephanie and other staff members. The negative emotional load on me and L was removed in an instant! Your persuasive abilities that you brought to bear here were and are extraordinary. You and Tom should be very proud of your work and your office. I know I am proud of you both." - JF

Sarah - "I am truly lucky to know you and so lucky to have you represent me. When we first spoke and then met I was so scared, disappointed in myself and unsure of what the consequences of my actions would be. You made me aware of my options, showed me there was hope for a better outcome with the right plan and attitude, and above all had faith in me and my character. I can't express how much that meant especially at that low point. The outcome turned out better than I could have hoped for. Your hard work has made such a difference in my and my family's lives!" - TS

Bill - "I played a game of catch with my son on Sunday. Without a doubt it was the most enjoyable and meaningful game I've ever played. I'm still dumbfounded as to what you were able to do for me! Please allow me to continue to thank you. My gratitude is endless." - TH

Mr. Goldman - "We can't thank you enough." - WR

Goldman - "With special thanks for everything you've done, especially for saving our lives." - RR

Sarah - "Thanks for everything. We are so grateful." - RWM

Bill - "I am writing this letter to let you know how wonderful your team is. Eleanor and Terry helped me, and I have to say after many years of dealing with the public, it was so nice to be treated well by your staff. All through the process, these women helped me see the whole picture and make the right choices for the matter at hand. I can't say enough about these two women; they truly took great care of me and I will refer everyone to your office because of it." - KM

Bill & Stephanie - "Home never felt sweeter! Thank you so much for all you have done for me! I will never forget your kindness and friendship." - WL

"Thank you for helping my friend. He is a good man, who stumbled." - NM

Mr. Goldman - "I have no words to thank you for all your help. Without your dedicated work, this ending would not be possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. God Bless you all." - C.M.

Mr. Goldman - "Thank you seems to be too shallow of words to express my gratitude for your excellent care you gave to me on my case. You're my "hero" and I thank you from the bottom of my heart." - J.G.

Mr. Goldman - "We can't begin to express our gratitude & appreciation for all of your hard work. It made such a difference in the outcome of our case. Your consideration and help will always be remembered." - J.D.B.

Sarah - "Your professionalism as well as your compassion brought a sense of comfort to my family in knowing you were looking out for my best interest. I sense you were pivotal in getting me transferred the same night of sentencing over to the WCCC. What a blessing for sure. Within a week I was offered an in-house job which I immediately accepted." - K.F.

Bill - "I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your help with my Mother's case. After a year or so of going back and forth, it became evident to me on Tuesday that your hard work would bring this tragic episode to a conclusion and that would go a long way towards restoring my Mother's dignity.

Since the incident, I have only provided my Mother with minimal information. She had changed as a result of that experience and my family did the best that we could to help her put it behind her. But on my Wednesday visit, as I started to explain that someone was finally being held responsible for their inactions, I quickly realized that she knew exactly what I was saying........ as only a Mother would. Little did I know, she had been waiting for this day! I have not seen her so animated, excited, or happy in a very long time. We cried, hugged, and truly bonded over the justice that had been served......At last!!!!!

Thank you again for the peace that you brought my Mother. Know that you have truly made a difference." - M.T.

Bill - "Thank you so much for putting my mind at ease. I am placing myself firmly in your hands. I don't know what I would do without you." - M.D.

Mr. Goldman - "I wanted to sincerely thank you for the work you have done for me over the past few months. It goes without saying that I completely did not expect the outcome I ended up with and it wouldn't have been possible without you. It was so generous of you to take on my case with such short notice and to work as hard as you did. Truly, I can't thank you enough for helping me." - K.C.

Mr. Goldman - "We want to thank you for the hard work from your staff and yourself. Your dedication to your job has helped our family greatly beyond belief." - A.F.

Bill - "Thank you so much for all you have done for me. I will never forget it!!!" - B.R.

Mr. Goldman - "I can't thank you enough for your time and knowledge throughout this process. Knowing that I had you in my corner gave me great comfort and for that I will be forever grateful. You are the Best!" - L.C.

Mr. Goldman & Staff - "Thank you very much for the outstanding representation and successful outcome. Goldman Law Offices are first class and I will always recommend your firm." - R.R.

Bill - "You are one of a kind and helped us get through this difficult time." - M.F.

Mr. Goldman - "Just wanted to say thanks again for everything. Your professionalism, kindness, and generosity are much appreciated. We spoke about pride and it's obvious that you take great pride in your firm. Your firm: you, your staff, and that beautiful facility stand as an example of excellence! Working with the Goldman team inspires me to move forward and strive for excellence in my life. " - B.R.

Goldman Staff - "I wanted to thank you again for your professionalism, dedication, and most importantly compassion and kindness. This year and experience has been very humbling. I appreciate all you have done for me. Mr. Goldman is an incredible person. I feel very fortunate to have had you two championing for me. I cannot express how thankful I am for all you have done. I intend to pay it forward." - J.P.

"Thanks again to the team at Goldman Law Offices. I hope to never need your services again for any reason, but if I do you'll be the first call." - F.C.

Mr. Goldman - "I want to let you know how grateful I am for everything you are doing for me. There are many emotions going through me (including extreme anxiety), but you have a unique way of making a person feel that, "There is hope." "Hope" is very comforting during this very stressful time of my life. You gave me reassurance and encouragement I needed to make it through each day, because at both of our meetings you were positive and confident in whatever you had to say to me. You never once made me feel anything but faith and trust in you as my lawyer." - M.K.

Bill - "With just one meeting you have inspired my son to want to be a better man! Amazing Thank you!" - S.S.

Bill - "Glad you are representing me. You have an aggressive proactive approach to problems. You go out and meet them and do not wait for them to come to you (or me, in this case)." - D.B.

Eleanor - I am very satisfied with your service and would recommend you highly. Thank you for your guidance through an extremely difficult time of my life." - C.F.

Eleanor - "I have been through many up and downs in my life but nothing could have prepared me for the emotional roller coaster I was to face going through my divorce. My only saving grace was you. You showed me compassion and complete understanding for my feelings and concerns. You are a true professional and so extremely knowledgeable you are a credit to your profession and I am proud to have had you represent me."

- R. L.

Eleanor - "Ending a marriage of thirty years was not an easy decision and the thought of enduring the ensuing legal issues was of great concern. I was most fortunate to have found you. Divorce lawyers are abundantly available, but finding one who truly cares about the client is a stroke of good fortune in the midst of an undeniably stressful situation. In addition to being knowledgeable in areas where I needed guidance and protection, the thing that impressed me most was that you were compassionate to my feelings at a time when I was most vulnerable. I was given the pros and cons of each issue and the decisions were left to me. I would recommend the Goldman Law Offices to anyone looking for a law firm that will reinforce and guide you in a professional and caring manner through a most difficult time in your life." - J. H.

"I have had the pleasure of being represented by both William Goldman and Eleanor Flannery. Each attorney provided me with excellent care and service. My case was handled in a very timely manner and both attorneys made me feel as though I was their top priority. I have and will recommend this firm to all of my friends." - L.C.