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Getting to the bottom of truck accidents and their causes

If you think about it in the most logical way possible, truck accidents (and other vehicle crashes) are simply bound to happen. Roadways here in Pennsylvania and the rest of the country are clogged with motor vehicles of all kinds, including massive tractor-trailers. Chances are you or someone you know will eventually experience a vehicle accident. If the vehicle is a large and heavy commercial truck, serious injuries are very likely to occur.

Many people wonder how it is possible that so many truck accidents still occur despite widespread awareness about trucking safety. A group of participants in a nationwide study has some answers. The group looked at truck accidents that occurred from 2015 through 2017 and came up with some disturbing results.

  • Fatal tractor-trailer involving truck accidents in 2017 increased by 5.8% from 2016.
  • The number of passengers killed in truck crashes ranged from two in the least-affected state (DC) to more than 1,300 in the most-affected state (Texas).
  • Most fatal truck crashes occur during the hours between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.
  • The top cause of truck accidents is the truck operators' "failure to yield the right of way" to other drivers.
  • Additional trucking accident causes include careless driving, erratic truck operation, improper turns or lane changes and failure to obey traffic signals and signs.

Gross negligence may be a factor in your personal injury

Part of being a responsible member of the Pennsylvania population is behaving appropriately to prevent harm. This means exercising reasonable care in all situations. For example, choosing not to drive when a person has consumed too much alcohol is appropriate behavior. Ignoring intoxication and driving anyway is an example of inappropriate and negligent behavior.

Ordinary negligence can put innocent victims in danger of suffering a personal injury. As you might imagine, gross negligence also puts people at risk of an injury. In most situations, gross negligence means intentionally engaging in reckless or careless behavior. Below you will find several examples of gross negligence that could lead to a personal injury.

  • Motorists driving at extremely high speeds
  • Surgeons operating on the wrong body part
  • Dog owners letting a dangerous dog attack another person

How long do you have to file a product liability claim?

When a product deemed safe for consumer use causes you or a loved one harm, you may feel a strong need to take some kind of action. Most victims desperately need answers. They want to know how this could have happened and what they can do to lessen their suffering. These are natural responses to a negligent injury. However, the vast majority of victims simply want to make sure that no one else suffers a similar fate.

It is not easy to accomplish all of these goals, but the best way to do so is to initiate a product liability claim. It may be hard to believe, but the law is on your side these cases. Despite this, the burden of proving that a defective product harmed you falls on your shoulders. To make it feel even more hopeless, you only have a certain amount of time in which to pursue a legal remedy.

Why do drowsiness and fatigue lead to truck accidents?

When night falls in Pennsylvania, most people have the luxury of going to bed and getting some much-needed sleep. This is not so for the majority of truck drivers who often drive through the night to deliver their cargo on time. Night driving combined with lack of sleep and fatigue contributes greatly to the nation's volume of truck accidents.

It seems as if it should not be a problem to drive at night, especially if it happens frequently. Shouldn't the body adapt to these unconventional work hours? Unfortunately, it is difficult to reprogram one's internal clock, even after years of nighttime driving. When tired or sleepy truckers are behind the wheel, the risk of truck accidents occurring rises.

Roundabouts and motor vehicle accidents in Doylestown

Have you heard the news? Roundabouts may soon be arriving in Doylestown. Specifically, the state's Department of Transportation is developing plans to add roundabouts to Rt. 611, pending approval by Doylestown Township officials.

Reading about the proposed roundabouts got our staff wondering just how effective they are in reducing or preventing motor vehicle accidents. In the end, we concluded that, like many traffic solutions, they are only as effective as the motorists who navigate them.

What is strict product liability, and how does it work?

Most of you reading this would agree that defective and dangerous products should never reach the consumer market. Whether a product is defective simply by accident or because of one or more party's negligence, consumers can suffer a range of injuries from minor to severe.

Needless to say, these victims deserve answers and solutions. In many cases, they can acquire these things through strict product liability law under the caring guidance of an attorney. When successful, strict liability claims hold the responsible parties liable for the victim's injury even if no negligence played a role. Pennsylvania is one state that recognizes strict liability claims involving defective products.

What happens if you take the wrong medicine due to medical error?

The administration of modern medicine often involves prescribing medication that can help a patient manage their symptoms. There are effective drugs on the market for everything from hyperactive bladders to chronic nerve pain, and these drugs can extend someone's life expectancy or drastically improve their quality of life.

Taking the right medication can resolve your symptoms or even address the medical condition that caused them in the first place. Unfortunately, the same medicines that can be incredibly beneficial in certain circumstances can be harmful in others.

It is difficult to define a catastrophic personal injury

Even if you spend all of your free time searching the Internet, you are unlikely to find an adequate definition for the term "catastrophic personal injury." Many courts and insurance companies define the term loosely as an injury that leaves the victim unable to engage in gainful employment on a permanent basis.

If you are suffering from a severe personal injury, you probably find the loose definition above completely inadequate. Well, it may be hard to believe, but we agree with you. We will even go one step further and argue that any personal injury can be catastrophic if it impacts your life significantly.

Understanding what type of commercial vehicle caused your injury

When people think about truck accidents, most of us envision crashes between a tractor-trailer and a smaller passenger vehicle. However, other types of commercial trucks are just as hazardous as semitrucks are. All commercial trucks are large and heavy when compared with cars and pickups. This means victims of truck accidents usually suffer more serious injuries in a crash.

Examples of large commercial vehicles other than tractor-trailers include the following. This information is important to injured victims because it can help determine liability.

  • Dump trucks
  • Garbage trucks
  • City buses
  • National bus fleets (Greyhound, etc.)
  • Box or delivery trucks (UPS, FedEx, etc.)

Preparation is critical in winning a product liability claim

Once you or a family member suffers an injury from using a defective product, you cannot go back in time and avoid the incident. The best you can do is move forward and try to make life better for the injured party. In the case of a catastrophic injury or a disability, you will no doubt experience financial hardships as you try to care for the victim.

Our injury attorneys know that most Pennsylvania residents simply do not have sufficient means to overcome these financial hardships. For many, a successful product liability claim is the only remedy that will help the injured and his or her family members. However, product manufacturers are prepared to defend themselves against product liability claims. This means that you and your legal team must get prepared, too.

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