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Preparation is critical in winning a product liability claim

Once you or a family member suffers an injury from using a defective product, you cannot go back in time and avoid the incident. The best you can do is move forward and try to make life better for the injured party. In the case of a catastrophic injury or a disability, you will no doubt experience financial hardships as you try to care for the victim.

Our injury attorneys know that most Pennsylvania residents simply do not have sufficient means to overcome these financial hardships. For many, a successful product liability claim is the only remedy that will help the injured and his or her family members. However, product manufacturers are prepared to defend themselves against product liability claims. This means that you and your legal team must get prepared, too.

Understanding embezzlement and how to defends against charges

You may hear about embezzlement cases in the news, but what exactly is embezzlement? In the simplest sense, embezzlement occurs when someone has permission to handle money for a company or organization but takes it for personal use. This means that someone may have stolen money outright or diverted funds into an account for themselves. It differs from theft in that the individual had permission to be handling the funds.

Sometimes this takes the form of a cashier taking money from the till. In more advanced instances, it could be an account manager diverting funds from the company for their personal gain. Companies may take different actions when they realize what has happened, from reprimands or termination to legal prosecution depending on the severity of the case.

Do not ride with an unsafe driver

It's frightening being in the car with an unsafe driver, but it's something most people experience at one time or another. Maybe it's a family member who just got their license and doesn't take the risk seriously enough. Maybe it's a friend who says they're safe to drive but who clearly had a bit too much to drink.

Or, maybe it's someone you hired to drive you around, trusting them to be safe and responsible. For example, one person related their trip in a Lyft vehicle, which is a ride-sharing option. They said that the driver weaved all over the road, cut through traffic, broke the speed limit and even attempted to race another car. Moreover, he yelled out the window at pedestrians and generally made the passenger feel both unsafe and uncomfortable.

Back to school means an increased risk of child injury

This is a chaotic time of the year in Doylestown and other Pennsylvania cities. Children are returning to school in droves, many of them traveling on foot. Most parents worry that their children will be involved in vehicle and pedestrian accidents during this time. Short of taking time out from your schedule to drive your kids to school, what can you do to keep them safe from a personal injury?

According to, you can teach your children about pedestrian safety in just a few minutes. The website offers an animated infographic parents can share with their kids to teach them about safety. The infographic is different from other safety tip articles because it highlights the pedestrian mistakes that often lead to serious personal injury.

Make sure your truck accident settlement offer meets your needs

We understand why victims want to expedite the process of fighting for compensation in the aftermath of truck accidents. They are suffering, possibly disabled and anxious to put the matter behind them. However, we must caution injured victims to slow down just a little to make certain that any settlement offered will meet their financial needs.

Instead of rushing to accept the first settlement that comes your way, review the offer carefully and compare it with your anticipated financial needs. It is also wise to go one step further and have an injury attorney review the offer before you make your decision. Some of the things we encourage victims to consider before accepting include the following.

Product liability: What are the common reasons for drug recalls?

A large number of Pennsylvania residents rely on medication to improve and even prolong their lives. Most medicines are safe for consumption because they have undergone stringent testing. However, there are occasions when a drug may harm patients or at least pose a risk of harm. When this happens, the manufacturer of the medicine and/or the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may issue a recall.

Sometimes recalls may occur because of issues like poor or confusing package design. Other times, they happen because the product might be dangerous to consumers. Below you will find three additional reasons for medication recalls. Understanding why your medicine harmed you can help you establish grounds upon which to pursue a product liability claim.

Know your options if you suffer a work-related injury

After suffering injuries in a construction accident, most employees believe that workers' compensation is the only way to get the money they need as they recover and cannot work. While this program is certainly beneficial, it is not the sole source of financial relief for injured workers. If one or more negligent parties played a role in your work-related injury, you have an additional legal option at your disposal.

A third-party liability claim can provide injured Pennsylvania workers with enough financial compensation to meet their needs until they recover. In cases of catastrophic injury, partial or total disability and death, such compensation can ensure that you continue receiving medical care while also providing for your family.

Drinking coffee, driving with your knees and other dangers

Multitasking, or attempting to do so, causes accidents all the time in the United States. That's because multitasking is actually just distracted driving. You cannot do both things at once. When your attention leaves the road, the odds of an accident increase.

It's also very common. Think of your standard morning commute. You head to the office a few minutes late, so you're already speeding to make up time. You stop off at a local fast-food restaurant for a cup of coffee. Drinking during your commute is more than just a ritual; it is an addiction.

Proving negligence is critical in truck accident injury claims

Bucks County, Pennsylvania, features highways and even rural roads that semis and other large or heavy truck drivers use to transport their goods. In most cases, truckers make a great effort to drive responsibly and safely. After all, they do not want to experience truck accidents any more than private motorists do.

No one is immune from making mistakes -- even careful truck drivers -- but a trucker's mistake can lead to catastrophic injuries or even death for victims. Injured Pennsylvania residents typically respond to these truck accidents by pursuing an injury claim so that they may acquire compensation for medical bills and other expenses. To find success in such a claim, victims must prove that the trucker or another party was negligent.

Basic information about Pennsylvania product liability claims

Defective and dangerous products injure and kill thousands of U.S. citizens each year, many of them Pennsylvania residents. Even when product manufacturers do their best to address potential dangers, injuries can still occur. Sometimes, specific injury hazards do not become apparent until a consumer uses a product. Other times, manufacturers did not take adequate steps to address all possible risks.

No one is prepared to stop relying on products that make life easier. As such, it is up to designers and manufacturers to address safety issues carefully. When they fail in this task, injured victims may find a solution by initiating a product liability claim.

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