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More new vehicles to offer advanced safety technology

Despite increasing awareness about methods to reduce car accidents, they continue to occur -- putting innocent people at risk of injury. In response to this problem, auto manufacturers are turning to technology as a solution. Automatic emergency braking is just one example of safety technology that can help reduce accidents.

According to Consumer Reports, auto manufacturers are reportedly on track to ensure that automatic braking technology will appear in nearly all new vehicles by the year 2022. This technology is not new. Between Sept. 2017 and Aug. 2018, these braking systems were installed in about half of the new cars released to the American market. The year before, approximately one-third of new cars came with automatic braking.

Why would victims lose their personal injury lawsuits?

In most cases, it is wise to think only positive thoughts when pursuing a personal injury claim. Negative thinking or excessive worrying about defeat can have a counterproductive effect on your lawsuit. At the same time, it is critical to take a look at the things you do and say during this process.

Some of your actions could result in the loss of your claim without you even realizing the danger. This is not negative thinking. Rather, it is a good way to avoid unpleasant surprises while also strengthening your case.

Expectations for child custody hearings

Parents in Pennsylvania who are approaching child custody proceedings often have questions about what to expect. While every case is unique and varies based on its own specific facts, there are certain things that can be anticipated to help parents prepare for hearings. It is important to arrive at hearings in as prepared and composed a state as possible. This means preparing arguments, preparing answers to likely questions and bringing the right people along to the hearings.

For people who have hired lawyers to help with their custody battles, the lawyers will help develop and prepare arguments for the hearings. This might include being able to establish suitable living conditions for the child and evidence of the ability to provide a stable home with adequate emotional support.

Holding a trucking company responsible for your accident

Truck driver error is a top cause of truck accidents in Pennsylvania. From driving negligently to operating the vehicle while incapacitated, drivers are often the sole cause of victim injuries in these scenarios. However, some truck accidents occur for other reasons, and sometimes the real culprit is the trucking company that put the driver on the road.

While you may be tempted to blame the truck driver alone, we want you to look a little deeper for the true cause(s) of your injuries. Targeting all parties responsible for your injuries may increase your compensation and stop negligent companies from harming other innocent victims.

The real reason people text and drive

Most of us have heard by now that texting and driving is more lethal than drunk driving. We know we are impaired when we have been drinking. But even though there are many studies to the contrary, many of us do not want to believe that we are impaired or dangerous when texting behind the wheel. 

The real culprit behind texting and driving

How an incorrect label can make a product defective

Products that may present dangers to consumers must be accompanied by adequate and accurate labeling. It is the duty of manufacturers to make certain their products contain labels with information about two important elements of product use. These elements are:

  • The presence of any hidden dangers of using the product
  • Instructions on how to use the product to avoid injury

Although a product may not contain a manufacturing or design flaw, incorrect labeling can make a product defective. This is an important consideration for consumers who wish to pursue a product liability claim after an injury occurs. When manufacturers fail to include clear warnings and/or usage instructions, they may be liable for any harm users have suffered.

How to document the aftermath of a car accident

People in Pennsylvania who are in car wrecks should remain calm and try to document the situation. The first step is to determine whether anyone is injured and needs emergency assistance. Once medical help has arrived or if it is not needed, the person should begin taking photographs of the scene.

Vehicles should not be moved if possible until the arrival of law enforcement. Any damage to property and skid marks should be photographed. Accounts from witnesses as well as their contact information should be collected. Witness accounts should be recorded in a neutral manner and without arguing.

How to protect one's self from a drunk driver

Pennsylvania motorists may come across others on the road who are acting erratically. The reason for this behavior may be that they are driving under the influence, and there are some basic tips for avoiding a crash with a drunk driver. The first tip is awareness. Signs of erratic driving include turning wide or abruptly, drifting out of lanes, slowly reacting to traffic signals and driving too slowly. Drunk drivers often have their face close to the windshield.

Prevention is achieved through defensive driving. This means keeping a distance from the erratic driver, letting the driver pass and being ready to take quick, evasive action. If both cars are on a collision course, one must pull over to the right, stop, honk the horn and flash the lights. One could then call 911, giving the road and direction the driver is heading and describing the vehicle.

Large autos may increase the risk of fatal pedestrian accidents

All of us already know that motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians are very dangerous. In 2016, 169 Pennsylvania residents died in motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians. With a state population of nearly 13 million, this means that out of every 100,000 residents, 1.32 of them lost their lives in traffic accidents.

That figure might seem too small to affect you or your family, but the truth is that you can never predict what will happen when you are walking or riding a bicycle in traffic.

What legal options do injured passengers have after a crash?

In a car crash, the physical harm that passengers suffer can be just as serious as driver injuries are. In some cases, these injuries may be even more catastrophic.

Passengers are typically innocent of responsibility in motor vehicle accidents. Unless the passenger acted in a way that interfered with the driver's ability to operate the vehicle, they are blameless for the crash. What can these innocent victims do to hold those responsible for accident injuries to account?

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