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January 2015 Archives

Pennsylvania woman killed at red light by large rental truck

A Penske rental truck slammed into the back of a 49-year-old woman's car stopped at a red light on Route 65 in Ambridge, Pennsylvania, and killed her, said the city's police chief. Witnesses and the lack of skid marks suggest that the truck did not have its brakes applied at all. The crash pushed the woman's vehicle about 260 feet and smashed the trunk into the backseat.

Proving liability in motor vehicle accidents may be complex

As Pennsylvania motorists may know, liability for motor vehicle accidents is determined by a mix of the stipulations inherent in common law as well as state motor vehicle statutes. Fault, established according to common law, may not always designate liability for injury or damage in an accident. In recent years, a shift toward using statutory violations to designate liability is supported by the insurance industry and often incorporated.

Custody Relocation

Planning to move to a new residence? Before signing a lease or agreement of sale for the new residence, you should review any Pennsylvania order that governs the custody of your children to determine whether the move would be considered a "relocation" by the court.

International Abduction

Are you concerned that the other parent may abduct your child to another country? The first step to prevention is to read the United States Department of State's website ( where you can find a wealth of information about passport applications and abductions to and from the United States.

Truck driver faces trial after Pennsylvania accident kills 3

In a preliminary hearing on Jan. 5, a Berks County district judge found sufficient evidence to send a case about a seven-vehicle accident to trial. The crash took place on May 12, 2014, and the man going to trial faces charges for three felony counts of homicide by vehicle. Authorities say that the accident occurred on Interstate 78 East when a 56-year-old man, who is from New Jersey, failed to accommodate slow traffic while driving a tractor-trailer, and his truck hit a car driven by a 52-year-old Allentown man in the left lane. The impact sent the car forward into other vehicles, and the Allentown man died after his car burst into flames. Other fires erupted due to the first one, and one of the vehicle fires killed a 57-year-old man and a 54-year-old woman, who were both from York.

Handling 401(k) accounts in Pennsylvania divorces

When people have been married for a long time, they often have built up significant assets, including such things as retirement accounts. When they divorce, 401(k) accounts are often considered to be a part of the marital estate, and thus are subject to division.

The rise of fatalities caused by distracted driving

Pennsylvania residents may not have heard the recent data about distracted driving in the United States. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently reported that the issue is a major problem in the United States and has led to a number of fatalities and injuries as a result. In order to address the issue, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has issued a ban prohibiting commercial vehicle operators from texting while driving. The government has also gotten involved, and many states have enacted laws banning the use of a cellphone while driving.

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