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February 2015 Archives

How to divide insurance policies in a Pennsylvania divorce

When a couple gets divorced, they must decide what they are going to do with any joint insurance policies that they have. For instance, a couple might have been covered under a single health insurance plan. If that is the case, the spouse who is no longer covered may need to get their own coverage through their employer. A spouse may also be entitled to COBRA coverage, which entitles them to the same policy that they had if they pay the entire premium.

Hazards presented by distracted drivers

Distracted driving is no small matter for those Pennsylvania drivers who have been injured in a car accident that was caused by a distracted driver. In a study by the CDC, the risks of distracted driving became clear in statistics indicating that 3,328 people died and over 421,000 people were injured as a result of a distracted driver in 2012.

Common mistakes that make divorce more expensive

As many Pennsylvania residents who have gone through one likely know, divorce is not only emotionally difficult but can also be very expensive. While there is a common perception that lawyers are responsible for the high cost of divorce, the truth is that couples have a great deal of control over the cost of the process. Essentially, the more quickly a couple can agree on the issues in their divorce, such as alimony, child support, child custody and property division, the less the divorce will cost.

Shoulder fractures in automobile injuries

Individuals in Pennsylvania who are in car accidents may suffer shoulder fractures as a result. Three bones make up the shoulder. Two are commonly known as the collarbone and the shoulder blade. The third bone is the upper arm, which is also known as the humerus.

The costs of impaired driving and preventative measures

Impaired driving kills and injures thousands of people every year and also costs the United States more than $59 billion annually. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that each fatal crash involving alcohol costs about $3.5 million while crashes resulting in injury cost about $99,000. There are many prevention efforts in place aimed to combat alcohol-related driving in Pennsylvania and the U.S.

Insurance claims

You may have seen recent front page articles in the Bucks County Courier Times and its sister paper, The Intelligencer, about members of a prominent Bucks County Family criminally charged in an alleged massive insurance fraud scheme. The story is big news at many levels. The defendants are of course presumed innocent and the State must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. We will leave to others, discussion of the case and the persons charged.

The dangers of uneven sidewalks may lead to slip and fall injuries

We've all experienced unevenness in a sidewalk, one block higher than the one next to it. A small unevenness, not seen until it is too late, can cause one to trip and suffer a serious injury: a fractured bone, ruptured/torn ligaments, muscles or tendons, damage to a joint, and/or a head injury. A very important decision in favor of the victim was handed down by the Pennsylvania Superior Court on January 15, 2015 in the sidewalk defect case of, Reinoso v Heritage Warminster and Kohl's Dept. Stores. The Court, sitting "en banc" (i.e. the full court, not just a 3 judge panel of the court), held that the trial court had erred in deciding, as a matter of law, that a sidewalk unevenness which measured only between 5/8 and 1-1/8 inches, was too "trivial" to allow the victim to recover damages. The Bucks County trial court thus erred in throwing the case out of court rather than letting the case go to trial and be decided by a jury. At Goldman Law Offices, we have substantial experience in recovering money for clients injured in fall downs and many other types of incidents.

Michigan man may be jailed for non-support of a child that isn't his

A 1/24/2015 news story out of Michigan tells the story of a man who might be jailed for non-support of a child NOT HIS! There are many questions not answered by the news account. The takeaway question is: Can this happen to you in Pennsylvania --or to the man in your life? At Goldman Law Offices, we can show you how to avoid this dilemma--and other Family Law problems.

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