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July 2015 Archives

Accidents involving trucks transporting hazardous materials

Pennsylvania motorists are often extremely cautious when they encounter semi-tractor trailers transporting tanks of hazardous materials. When these tanks are ruptured in a collision or rollover, the resulting spills of crude oil, gasoline or flammable gas can cause explosions, fires and environmental damage. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration compiled statistics about the causes of the approximately 1,300 rollover accidents involving tanker trucks each year, and it concluded that most of these crashes were caused by some form of driver error.

Financial planning should start before a divorce

When facing a divorce, some couples in Pennsylvania may expect to continue the lifestyle they led while married. However, when a marriage splits, so do the finances. People who are contemplating a divorce can take some steps beforehand to plan for their financial situation afterward.

How substance abuse can affect child custody

When a Pennsylvania couple with young children chooses to part ways and is having a custody dispute, there are many factors that go into which parent will receive legal custody and what the visitation rights for the other parent will be. One common reason why a parent might not receive custody is if there is substance abuse or other personal problems.

Important impaired driving facts

Pennsylvania motorists may understand the serious consequences of impaired driving, but the issue continues to be a major problem across the nation. Nearly 30 deaths occur each day because of driver impairment, and national costs related to such incidents approach $60 billion per year. With approximately one-third of accident-related fatalities occurring in connection with alcohol use, there is significant room for changes to be made.

Car accident rates for teen drivers

Teen drivers in Pennsylvania and across the United States are more likely to pose a threat to themselves and the other people they share the road with. Statistics show that drivers younger than 21 cause 17 percent of the fatal drunk driving accidents that occur in the U.S. despite making up only 10 percent of the total number of licensed drivers. New drivers may be the most dangerous as 20 percent of 16-year-old drivers are involved in a car crash during the first year that they are licensed to drive.

Dividing debts in a divorce can be complicated

Pennsylvania couples whose marriages are ending will likely find that one of the more complicated issues is often property division. They may also come to realize that dividing up debts can be just as stressful. Having some idea of how to split debts before divorce proceedings get under way may simplify the process. Couples contemplating a divorce need to put together a complete picture of their finances before decisions are made.

Passive sensor prevention could eliminate the drunk driver

Drunk driving is one of the leading causes of fatal car accidents, and the U.S. Department of Transportation has a standing interest in reducing its frequency. A fatal accident caused by a drunk driver can result in serious injuries and deaths, as well as criminal and civil lawsuits with their attendant costs to individuals and society. New technology that was recently unveiled is being hailed by officials as a means of preventing this on par with education and enforcement efforts.

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