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September 2015 Archives

How forensic accountants can help in the divorce process

Hiring a forensic accountant can be very important for a spouse who is going through a high asset divorce in Pennsylvania. When there are substantial assets involved, a forensic accountant can make sure that they are all accounted for and properly valuated. A forensic accountant may also be useful when a person's ex-spouse is attempting to hide certain assets and misrepresent their income or net worth during property division.

How fog hinders travel in Pennsylvania

In January 2012, 11 people were killed during a 19-car pileup caused by fog and smoke on Interstate 75 near Gainesville, Florida. The accident occurred just an hour after the road had reopened following a three-car crash earlier that same day. That crash was also caused by smoke and fog, and one trooper suggested that the road remain closed as smoke and fog can diminish visibility on a highway quickly.

Defective parts implicated in some car crashes

Many Pennsylvania motorists were affected by the recall last year of 64 million motor vehicles due to defective parts. Now that it has been shown that these defects may have been responsible for some accidents, some drivers who received criminal charges for their involvement may be seeing their convictions overturned.

How mediation makes divorce easier in Pennsylvania

Much has been made recently of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck's decision to settle their divorce outside of court. In an era where many couples spend fortunes on divorce attorneys, mediation can have many benefits. The biggest benefit may be that it can shield any children the couple may have from some or all of the trauma that divorce may bring.

Not all accident injuries are immediately apparent

After a car accident in Pennsylvania, a driver or passenger may be injured without even realizing it. This is because some injuries are not apparent immediately after the crash occurs. In many car wrecks, individuals may suffer from whiplash even in crashes involving vehicles traveling at speeds lower than 15 miles per hour. Those who experience whiplash may also experience numbness in their arms or legs because of damage done to the neck or spinal cord.

Domestic violence types in Pennsylvania

Many Pennsylvania residents are the victims of domestic violence every year. Sadly, a large number of these cases go unreported, many because the victims are frightened or they make excuses for the perpetrators' behaviors. Another issue is that some people believe domestic violence only occurs with physical abuse, but the term encompasses several different types of behaviors that can be characterized as abusive.

Facebook profile used in custody battle for the first time

Those involved in the legal profession in Pennsylvania are probably already aware that a judge in New York is allowing a Facebook profile into evidence for a child custody case. While social media sites like Facebook have been used in court cases before, this use of a Facebook profile may be unprecedented.

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