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November 2015 Archives

Tips for dividing retirement accounts

Individuals in Pennsylvania may not know that they need to complete certain paperwork in order to distribute retirement accounts as part of a divorce settlement. For an individual retirement account fund, a transfer incident is necessary. For an employer-sponsored plan or a 401(k), a Qualified Domestic Relations Order is necessary.

Challenges of enforcing international child custody regulations

Divorce can be a complicated, emotional process, made even more so when child custody issues are involved. The entire process can become even more complex when one of the ex-spouses decides to move to another country and take their child with them, violating custody orders and agreements. Pennsylvania residents who might be facing this situation might benefit from knowing what recourse a parent might have if their ex-spouse takes the child of the United States and refuses to return.

Study suggests that drowsy driving puts motorists at risk

Pennsylvania motorists may be interested in the results of a 2015 survey conducted by the American Automobile Association. According to its findings, an estimated 43 percent of drivers in the U.S. admitted to having nodded off at the wheel while operating a motor vehicle at least one time in their lives. This study follows an earlier AAA research project conducted in 2010 that suggests that drowsy driving is a factor in one out of every six fatal traffic accidents.

Custody battles may cost more than they are worth

Many Pennsylvania parents who go through divorces become involved in bitter custody battles. While fighting over who gets full custody of the children, parents may end up causing more damage than the fight is worth. A parent might believe that it is in their child's best interest to live with them full time, but several studies have shown that shared parenting is actually better for most children.

The NHTSA targets underage drinking and driving

Parents have good reason to be concerned about the decisions that their children make on Pennsylvania roads. On a national level, motor vehicle accidents lead in causing teen deaths. Approximately half of the teenagers who die in such accidents are the drivers, and nearly 25 percent of teen drivers involved in fatality accidents test positive for alcohol in their systems. Peer pressure may be a factor causing young people to drive after consuming alcoholic beverages, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is tackling this issue as it launches a new public service effort.

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