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January 2016 Archives

DUI--Too Important To Do It Yourself

DUI offenses seem the simplest of all cases, and clients often remark, upon an initial meeting, that they have looked up DUI law in Pennsylvania and it "seems pretty cut and dried". With due respect, these clients are wrong. While it is true that, in general, DUI in Pennsylvania involves calculating the number of prior offenses within ten years and looking at the Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC), this is only the beginning.

The right for fathers to seek child support

Whether fathers should be able to receive child support from mothers is up for debate in many circles. While some people think that fathers deserve the right in certain situations, others believe that fathers do not deserve the right because they are the natural providers. Pennsylvania parents could gain some insight on the matter from a high-profile case.

Sheri Shepherd appealing parental decision

A former co-host of the popular daytime talk show 'The View" wants her child support case heard by Pennsylvania's highest court. A judge ruled in April 2015 that Sheri Shepherd is legally and financially responsible for a child born to her ex-husband and a surrogate mother, but the former talk show co-host is unhappy with the decision and has petitioned the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania to hear her appeal.

Motorcycles and Bicycles

December, 2015 is in the record books as one of the warmest Decembers in recent memory. Motorcyclists and bicyclists have enjoyed the mild (so far) winter and snowless streets. We encourage all our manual and motorized cycling friends and clients to enjoy the clear streets as you enjoy the outdoors on your bikes. Keep them well maintained, wear the proper safety equipment, and don't take unnecessary chances. 

Fall Downs

If you're old enough to remember the early days of Saturday Night Live with Chevy Chase, you can remember all the laughs that Chevy got when he did his pratfalls, mimicking the then President Gerald Ford (who wasn't really as clumsy as he was depicted). But in real life, fall downs are no laughing matter.  

The Hovering Danger

Hoverboards exploded onto the market during the 2015 holiday season but have become engulfed in the flames of controversy as claims of serious personal injuries and property damage continue to rise. Commonly called a hoverboard, the personal transportation device is a two-wheeled, battery-operated, standing scooter. Each hoverboard has two, pressure-sensitive footpads that control speed and direction. While they seem innocent and fun, hoverboards pose serious fire and fall hazards.

Accident causes Pennsylvania Turnpike closure

On Jan. 12 motorists were alerted to a traffic detour by the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission. The detour was caused by an accident involving two tractor trailers, a car carrier and another vehicle near the Somerset interchange at milepost 107 westbound. Traffic was detoured at the Breezewood interchange and motorists were allowed to get back onto the turnpike at the New Stanton interchange 86 miles later.

Child custody and co-parenting in Pennsylvania

After child custody and visitation matters are over, parents are often left to work together in order to raise their children. When Pennsylvania parents keep their children's best interests in mind and work towards co-parenting, their children may be better adjusted and happier.

What alcohol does to motorists

While people who drive likely know that operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration of .08 percent or higher is illegal, motorists in Pennsylvania and other states sometimes feel like they have not had too much to drink or that they are not affected by the alcohol they have consumed. However, even one alcoholic drink can result in side effects and hurt one's driving ability. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has provided some information about alcohol consumption and driving.

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