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March 2016 Archives

The impact of a prolonged divorce on children

A Pennsylvania couple might go through an extensive period of fighting and other negative activity before finally deciding that divorce is the best solution. However, a decision to end a marriage can still be affected by issues such as guilt, wishing that a relationship would work out, religious beliefs and the input of family members. Even with action underway, a couple might still find reasons to delay the process and try to reconcile. While some couples may succeed in salvaging their marriages, others may find that divorce is the best resolution.

Joint or separate tax filing for married parties

Pennsylvania residents who are not married but are involved in civil unions or domestic partnerships do not have the option of filing jointly on their federal income tax returns. However, married individuals, including those in same-sex marriages, must select either joint or married filing separately as their status. In many cases, separate filings can result in the loss of certain tax benefits, but in other cases, separate filing is the better choice.

Safer future vehicles in Pennsylvania thanks to this technology

A plan to include major safety technology in more vehicles was announced by The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in Sept. 2015, and it seems like this plan will become a reality as automakers intend to install automatic braking systems for emergencies in the vast majority of U.S. vehicles. Ten automakers have agreed to a deal with the NHTSA to have the systems installed by Sept. 2022.

The importance of a detailed parenting plan

Pennsylvania couples who are divorcing will likely need to create a parenting plan if they have young children. A detailed parenting plan can have a number of advantages. The time that parents spend in creating one gives them the opportunity to anticipate potential future conflicts and create a framework for resolution.

Challenges with divorces involving major conflicts

Divorce action often implies that there has been serious conflict in a Pennsylvania marriage. However, a couple that is contemplating divorce may already be aware of some of the risks associated with a high conflict action. Although there may be significant differences, efforts to work through the process in a civil manner could alleviate some of the most negative potential outcomes.

Gun ownership by domestic abusers headed to U.S. Supreme Court

Advocates for victims of domestic abuse in Pennsylvania know that the majority of murdered American women die at the hands of current or former intimate partners. For years, the Lautenberg Amendment has barred people from legally owning guns after a misdemeanor or felony domestic violence conviction. This federal law, however, has now been challenged by representatives for two men, and the case will be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court.

The need for advice for finances during divorce

The idea of going through a divorce might be stressful, which could prompt some Pennsylvania couples to attempt to rush the process in order to put it behind them. However, a rushed divorce can lead to serious financial difficulties for one or both parties. It is helpful to enlist the aid of a financial adviser during the process to ensure that the matter's financial implications are considered carefully.

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