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November 2016 Archives

Thanksgiving is a dangerous time to drive

The millions of Pennsylvania residents who plan to travel over the upcoming Thanksgiving Day weekend may wish to be particularly vigilant as they venture out onto the roads. Data released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicate that road traffic accident fatalities surge during holiday periods, and Thanksgiving is often the deadliest of all. During the Thanksgiving period in 2012, there were 764 fatal and about 50,000 non-fatal traffic accidents, and the data suggests that many of these crashes and deaths could have been prevented.

Elections prompt FMCSA marijuana policy clarification

Pennsylvania is one of 28 states that have legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes, and the recreational use of the drug was approved by voters in California, Maine, Nevada and Massachusetts on Nov. 8. However, cannabis remains a Schedule I drug under the 2012 Controlled Substances Act, and the success of several marijuana-related ballot measures has prompted the Federal motor Carrier Administration to release a statement clarifying its position on the drug.

When is reasonable visitation a good option?

Philadelphia parents who are going through a divorce and who are determining custody have different visitation options to consider, and each particular situation will determine which option is best for the family. For some couples, a judge might establish that the non-custodial parent is entitled to reasonable visitation. In this case, the relationship between the ex-spouses is very central to making the visitation schedule work.

Identifying and stopping dissipation of assets

Pennsylvania residents who are going through a divorce may be concerned about dissipation of assets. This occurs when one spouse wastes assets in an effort to keep the other spouse from receiving their fair share of marital property. It might be done through spending money on a new partner, gambling or some other means. While the amount spent might be relatively trivial for high-earning individuals who know they can earn the money back after divorce, for people who have not worked outside the home in years, that share of the marital assets could be crucial in getting on their feet financially after the divorce.

Aggressive driving behaviors that lead to fatal accidents

When Pennsylvania motorists hear the term 'aggressive driving," they may picture a road rage incident. However, aggressive driving is actually a broader term that is used to describe many different types of behaviors. Aggressive drivers, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, are those who put other people and property at risk by committing multiple moving traffic violations.

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