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December 2016 Archives

More long-term marriages ending in divorce

The fact that divorce has become more acceptable in recent years may be one of the reasons that couples with long marriages are more frequently calling it quits. Additionally, issues such as empty nest syndrome may be creating voids in the lives of the elderly, leaving couples at odds and finding little in common. A Pennsylvania couple finding themselves in this situation should be proactive as divorce proceedings are initiated.

Snapchat application may encourage reckless driving

As smartphones continue to grow in popularity, more motorists in Pennsylvania and across the country could be tempted to read or send text messages while behind the wheel. While the companies behind popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have been criticized for not taking action to curb this type of dangerous behavior, the makers of the popular messaging application Snapchat have been accused by road safety advocates of actually encouraging reckless driving.

How Social Security benefits may be paid after divorce

Pennsylvania residents who divorce after 10 or more years of marriage might be able to draw on their spouse's Social Security benefits after retirement. However, there are a few limitations. They can only draw on up to 50 percent of the spouse's benefits, and they can only do so if their spouse's benefits are greater than their own would be. They also cannot be remarried although if they remarry and they divorce again or their spouse dies, they can draw on the previous spouse's benefits. They can begin drawing on their former spouse's benefits even if the other spouse has not done so yet, but it must be at least two years since the divorce.

Car crashes more likely when drivers are tired

Pennsylvania residents might have been warned about the dangers of drunk driving or texting behind the wheel, but many people may not hear much about driving while fatigued. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety issued a report on Dec 6. that illustrates how unsafe driving while tired could be. Compared to those who get at least seven hours of sleep in a 24-hour period, those who sleep for five or six hours are twice as likely to crash.

Mediation may make co-parenting easier

Pennsylvania parents who share child-rearing duties with their ex-spouses may find it wise to rely on tools like mediation as their lives and circumstances evolve. Experts say that mediation can help families deal with significant changes, like the relocation of a parent. Even though co-parenting can become more difficult when former spouses live far away from each other, hashing things out with the assistance of an impartial third party has the potential to let people come to terms more amicably.

The forms and definition of stalking

If a Pennsylvania resident or any other individual is being followed or otherwise fears for their safety, they may be the victim of stalking. Stalking can also involve threatening or harassing behavior such as repeated phone calls or showing up at a person's place of employment. It is possible that talking to someone without their consent or lying in wait for them could be taken as stalking as well.

Speeding driver wreaks havoc on highway

Pennsylvania residents might like to know about a Thanksgiving day crash that killed three people. The authorities said that a 22-year-old Pittsburgh man with a suspended license caused the accident and was traveling at more than 100 mph. The man faces charges for vehicular homicide, aggravated assault with a vehicle and criminal homicide.

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