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May 2018 Archives

Autonomous car crashes spur media interest

Knowing the risk of car crashes on the roadways, many Philadelphia residents may be intrigued by the potential of semi-autonomous driving technology. While self-driving cars once seemed like something out of a science-fiction story, there are multiple corporations working to develop those theories into a reality. From Tesla to Uber, some of the most advanced tech companies have been developing autonomous technologies, from full-on self-driving vehicles to assistance software designed to help drivers improve their safety on the road.

Any type of distracted driving can result in an accident

As a driver, you must always understand that any distraction can result in a serious accident. Just the same, you should also keep in mind that others on the road may not be taking the same care as you are. While you're paying attention to everything going on around you, there are others who are daydreaming — or worse.

How to plan for college expenses when getting a divorce

Pennsylvania parents may be aware that the costs of going to college are increasing on average every single year. While parents may have initially agreed to help their child with covering the costs of his or her higher education, the decision to get a divorce could have an impact on the matter.

Documentary looks at challenges in child support system

Some fathers may not keep up child support payments because they cannot afford the amount ordered and they are unaware that it is possible to get modifications made. A documentary by the filmmaker Rel Dowdell, "Where's Daddy?", examines the child support system and its affect on African-American fathers in particular. Dowdell interviewed a number of fathers in Pennsylvania to find out what their experience had been in this regard.

A future without fatal traffic accidents

By the year 2050, the rate of fatal road traffic accidents in Pennsylvania could be reduced to zero. At a time when more than 100 daily deaths take place on the streets and highways of the United States, an initiative to reduce that statistic by 100 percent may sound overly ambitious, but that is what the Road to Zero Coalition intends to work on over the next few decades.

Mobile app exposes nationwide dangerous driving practices

Pennsylvania drivers use mobile phones on approximately 37 percent of their trips behind the wheel. This rate puts them around the national median, according to figures from Everdrive, a mobile app that tracks the safety practices of drivers. Everdrive used data from 300,000 of its users across the country to compile the report. The states with the most widespread phone usage while driving were mostly in the southern part of the country; Mississippi topped the list, followed by Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina and Florida.

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