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January 2019 Archives

Pennsylvania resident dead after motor vehicle accident

When a new year begins, everyone is filled with a sense of joy and excitement about the coming 12 months. No one expects a tragedy to strike and rob a family of a beloved member of the clan. Unfortunately, not all new years begin they way people expect. Any number of tragedies can mar what is otherwise a happy time, including fatal motor vehicle accidents.

Keeping dads involved in a child's life after a divorce

Fathers in Pennsylvania can take comfort in knowing that courts today typically give equal weight to the roles of both parents in a child's life when making custody decisions. Even so, it's still common for children to end up living with the mother if parents aren't able to make co-parenting or joint custody work. However, there are some steps that fathers looking to stay involved in their child's life may be able to take to ensure that their rights are upheld during and after a divorce.

A personal injury often comes with long-lasting consequences

Suffering a serious personal injury typically has a devastating effect on the injured party, and it can impact the victim's entire family as well. Along with the pain and trauma associated with a serious injury, victims and family members suffer a range of consequences. We wanted to take a moment to talk about these issues to help prepare you should you or someone in your family suffer an accidental injury due to someone else's negligence.

Finding the best way to divide a co-owned home

When a couple is contemplating divorce in Pennsylvania, they will likely begin to think about the assets they own and strive to determine the best way to divide these assets. With some things, such as savings accounts, it's pretty cut and dry because they can be divided equally. Other things, like a co-owned house, cannot quickly be divided in two. The option exists to sell the home and then divide the profits. However, personal attachments to the home, wanting to raise a family in the home, and one's inability to pay for the home on a single income could impact that decision.

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