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Accident rates go up in urban areas and for large truck drivers

There was a 2 percent decline in traffic fatalities in 2017 according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). However, there was an 18.7 percent increase in fatalities in crashes involving large trucks. There are many possible reasons why this is happening including the fact that more vehicles are traveling on roads in Pennsylvania and around the country.

Smartphones linked to accident numbers

A vehicle management platform called Motus has released a report focused on the increasing amount of distracted driving among people who are part of the mobile workforce. The platform has the largest pool of retained drivers in the world, and utilized data from that driver pool to determine that mobile workers use their cars more than any other employee type. Pennsylvania travelers should be aware of the dangers posed by distracted driving.

Roundabouts in Pennsylvania could save lives and money

Replacing stop signs and traffic lights with roundabouts at busy intersections in Pennsylvania and around the country could save countless lives each year according to road safety experts. Roundabouts, which are sometimes referred to as traffic circles, could also greatly reduce emergency services costs, according to road safety experts. The reason roundabouts can deliver these safety and cost saving benefits is because they slow down rather than stop traffic.

Study looks at newly licensed teen drivers

Teenage drivers in Pennsylvania may be more likely to cause crashes during their first three months of being licensed. According to a study by the National Institutes of Health and Virginia Tech, the risk of a teen getting in an accident or near-miss collision is eight times greater in their first three months of having a license than in their last three months of driving with a parent.

Study claims some drivers skeptical about mobile phone dangers

People in Pennsylvania who frequently use their phones to talk or text while driving may be less inhibited than other drivers or generally more addicted to using mobile tech. These were among the findings of researchers who published a study in "Risk Analysis: An International Journal" that looked at distracted driving behavior. Women respondents as well as those who had negative attitudes about safety also tended to use their phones more while driving.

Car accident deaths top 40,000 nationally for 2017

The National Safety Council gathers data on fatal car crashes in Pennsylvania and the rest of the country, and in so doing it makes use of data compiled by the National Center for Health Statistics. The NSC's preliminary estimate of fatalities on U.S. roads for 2017 is 40,100, slightly less than the reported 40,327 traffic fatalities in 2016. The 2017 number is 6 percent more than the number in 2015. Prior to 2016, the last year with 40,000 or more motor vehicle accident fatalities was 2007.

Fourth of July accidents

Holidays entail celebrations and festivities, but they also cause an increase in the number of accidents, some of which may be fatal. Pennsylvania residents may be surprised to learn that the Fourth of July has such a negative effect on public health that the holiday is considered to be the deadliest in the U.S.A.

Drugged driving the subject of new GHSA study

Drivers in Pennsylvania should know that although alcohol-related car accidents have slightly declined over the past decade, there has been an increase in drug-related crashes. The Governors Highway Safety Association conducted a study recently that analyzed fatal car crash data from 2016 and compared it to the data of 2006. It found that the percentage of fatally injured drivers with drugs in their system rose from 28 to 44 percent.

New tech provides solutions to distracted driving

Many safety advocates in Pennsylvania want to reverse the dangerous trend of distracted driving. Since the main factor in this trend is smartphone use, it may sound ironic to say that new technology will be the solution. However, the introduction of two new devices may be convincing enough as proof. While one product is currently in its pilot phase, the other is already on the market.

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