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Drinking coffee, driving with your knees and other dangers

Multitasking, or attempting to do so, causes accidents all the time in the United States. That's because multitasking is actually just distracted driving. You cannot do both things at once. When your attention leaves the road, the odds of an accident increase.

Who is legally responsible in a rideshare motor vehicle accident?

Rideshare services such as Lyft and Uber have become increasingly popular among residents of Pennsylvania. Users find these services affordable and convenient when they need to get somewhere relatively fast. Unfortunately, rideshare drivers risk involvement in motor vehicle accidents the same as everyone else does.

Summer driving is not as safe as you may think it is

When the summer months arrive, motorists take to the roads more than ever. With roadways that are free of icy patches, snow and other winter hazards, motorists believe they are safe. However, cautious driving is still a must. While the perils of summer driving are different from the hazards posed at other times of the year, they can still cause motor vehicle accidents, many of them resulting in severe harm.

Do you know how to spot a dangerous drunk driver?

Motor vehicle accidents involving a drunk driver occur far too often in the U.S. This blatant disregard for public safety can endanger anyone who drives in Pennsylvania. Assuming that other motorists will drive responsibly can leave you vulnerable to serious and life-threatening injuries. A better way to avoid alcohol-related accidents is by staying alert and watching for signs of impaired driving.

More new vehicles to offer advanced safety technology

Despite increasing awareness about methods to reduce car accidents, they continue to occur -- putting innocent people at risk of injury. In response to this problem, auto manufacturers are turning to technology as a solution. Automatic emergency braking is just one example of safety technology that can help reduce accidents.

Large autos may increase the risk of fatal pedestrian accidents

All of us already know that motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians are very dangerous. In 2016, 169 Pennsylvania residents died in motor vehicle accidents involving pedestrians. With a state population of nearly 13 million, this means that out of every 100,000 residents, 1.32 of them lost their lives in traffic accidents.

Pennsylvania resident dead after motor vehicle accident

When a new year begins, everyone is filled with a sense of joy and excitement about the coming 12 months. No one expects a tragedy to strike and rob a family of a beloved member of the clan. Unfortunately, not all new years begin they way people expect. Any number of tragedies can mar what is otherwise a happy time, including fatal motor vehicle accidents.

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